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'Lives of living death': The reproductive lives of slave women in the cane world Seasonal variations and age-related changes in human sperm count, motility.

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Casi parece como si alguien hubiera cortado los cables. Silvia Ma. She founded the group fuegodeluna. She participates in different recitals, international festivals and book fairs. Dominican writer, professor and cultural activist, who has lived in New York since Galan has been a Spanish Professor and others courses at the U. Currently, he teaches at York College. He has published: Los Cuentos de Mount Hope novel, , 2nd ed. His poetry collection Amor en bicicleta was awarded the Premio Letras de Ultramar Diariamente caen alfileres sobre su claridad, bombas de humo, Incienso.

Una bicicleta rueda sobre la tarde en busca del amor. She has worked as an actress, a translator, a journalist, and, from to , a diplomat for the Dominican Republic in Mexico. She holds a Ph. Sweet almonds half-chewed by the sun fall onto rugged reefs, mix with dry branches and leaves aged gold. The sky wakes like soft lavender spreading over the purple sea. From the cosmic womb, two giant whales spring up while ahead of them a coveted mate quietly floats.

A fifty-foot black mass, she spouts occasional geysers, echoing the shush of foam across the serried waves. Under the sky, competition begins. For hours, day and night, Howls, shrieks, and moans make strange water songs; she sways majestic, slow, flipping over the surface, turning over and again, until the loser is decided, and she and her winner smoothly dive to the depths, away from light and the curious eye.

Rossalinna Benjamin, Dominican Republic, Poet and educator. El aaaaahhhh!! Retired professor of the University of the State of Mexico. Between and , editor of 80 editions of the first stage of the literary magazine tunAstral. In some far-off place. The many-petaled flower. We many petals. He felt strong. You saw her growing.

It seems that when. There are afternoons. You write a poem. Patricia Ariza is a poet, playwright, director, stage designer and social and feminist activist. During her youth she took part in the Nadaismo movement. This was the first alternative theater in Colombia. Ariza distinguishes herself in the theatrical world for her special approach which focuses on promoting social interaction and reducing conflicts. Her book Hojas de papel volando , received a National poetry award in Colombia. Inside, some gestures remain which I go over in minute detail.

On the second floor is the manner, intact, in which my father grasped a hammer. Closer, in the kitchen the grace with which my mother cut onions. In the dining room and on the staircase the nighttime footsteps of my uncle who was crazy. And in the windowpane, even now, the eyes of a girl with the fear of leaving.

A todos nos amamanta el tiempo. El abrigo de la muerte. Y el teatro desaparece versos verdaderos. Nadie escucha. Abanico abierto. Despuntando letras encima de mi sexo. Palabras quebrantan ventanas, libros y puertas penetradas por solemnes huidas. Gime el presente.

Y agudiza. Plumas y taparrabos los hemos sacado para ser objetos, orgullos. Diferencia entre primaveras y soles… que se esconden tras frases bien dichas. Born in Brooklyn, Tonia Leon has written poetry since she was a child. Her poetry, prose and in English as well as Spanish has been published here and abroad. Her poetry reflects her passions: ecology, trees, music, Mexico, and social justice to name just a few.

She is currently working on a second chapbook and translations of poetry from Spanish to English. Tonia lives on Long Island. No existen en Nueva York. Recently, She traveled to Havana, Cuba, by invitation, where she presented her work in Casa de las Americas. She is currently a guest curator for the Museum of American Poetics and assistant editor of Eco-Poetry.

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Who could detain me with useless illusions when my soul begins to complete its work —Julia De Burgos. Her poetry was translated in Catalan and German and it is a subject of academic studies by universities of Italy, Chile, Argentina y Peru and the European Union. She has given conferences in Harvard, Columbia and around the globe. Is there no solace In this life? I see the sky Tormented By my departure. She studied statistics and sociology in the Universidad Autonoma of Santo Domingo. Eres enojo liviano, llanto y congojas compartidos. Lluvia mustia, granizo rojo, te de bayahonda y cadillo.

Mujeramigahermana, te admiro en tu quehacer, todo fluye, todo queda, no estas sola. Nos une un brindis vigoroso, en copas de cristal, rebosantes de miel, templadas en la fragua de la esperanza y al amparo de solidaridades anaranjadas de un atardecer. Miguel Falquez-Certain Barranquilla, Colombia has been living in New York City for four decades, where he works as a multilingual translator and writer.

The Book of Trees How to tell chestnut from sycamore or rowan from beech or fir? Walking with my head buried in the book of trees, I fail the test of cluster of five leaves, mottled edge, berries or long pod. The Scots have river, firth, burn, loch and sea. I learned to swim in the shallows of the Arabian Gulf, spent summers near the Indian Ocean. Is it memory that we gain or remembering what we once knew whispered, before the fairy tale and childhood rhyme? A curly worm sheathed in a miniature coat of armor. The rattle of a metal gate being drawn.

I never told anyone about the summer I dropped that pill bug into the gutter in front of our house. The clarity of the memory alternates between murky, sharp, impossible to see the truth, the depth too unfathomable. Maureen H. Altman was born in Georgia, U. Altman is an autodidact in poetry. Encuentro , amor, vida, tiempo … is her first poetry book, published by Urpi Editors in Matices is her second poetry book, published in by La Ovejita Books.

Both books were printed in New York. As an artist, Altman recently participated in group exhibitions in Lima and Rio de Janeiro and is preparing a group exhibition sponsored by the Peruvian Embassy in New York, , as well as a solo exhibition in at The Annex, New York.

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  4. Currently, she directs Educa. Arts, program designed to educate through art, poetry and creative writing. Your eyes like breeze, lay crossing the road from the path of truth calling the morning for its glance…. Eyes covering, eyes on hold, eyes shocking, eyes at the end sign telling more than can be seeing and your eyes, are not gone…. I look with closed eyes at the station, at the wild, at the Ferris wheel, at times, your time is due, maybe, and my eyes reopen…. Destiny, who can see you? My eyes stay on those landscapes and the road closes them so airily, your eyes are seeing our passage forever….

    As a playwright, he wrote El refugio awarded in Paz, guerra y exilio He is director of the online magazine Youkali www. One hundred times on And one hundred times below the bridges…. Today or maybe it was yesterday and before yesterday as well I have been displaced Thrown out received released thrashed hung torn out….

    Cien veces encima Y cien veces debajo de los puentes…. He muerto cien veces como muere un perro Cien veces Sobre el asfalto Y cien veces debajo del asfalto…. She is a poet, writer, and translator. As a poet, she has published the collections, Distancias y destierros Sgo. In , her book Los arquitectos de lo imaginario was finalist of the prestigious award Ausias March. This collection has been recently translated into English by G. Los traductores del viento had excellent reviews and won the Internal Latino Book Award Arrive with pride at your failures.

    Marina Oroza is a Spanish poet and writer who has also succeeded in the world of artistic performance and acting. She has participated in festivals, theaters, universities, foundations, and museums in Spain, France, Ireland, and Portugal. She also collaborates with visual artists and musicians. Some of her work has been included in national and international anthologies such as Poetas en Blanco y Negro Abada , and editorials in magazines and press.

    She collaborates in an online radio elestadomental.

    Some of her poems have been translated to Catalan and English. Aura In reality that corner Is a quagmire of reincarnations Converted into mourning shrouds. In reality the shape of things Is a palpable aura, A soul, a hollow eclipse, A waterfall of frozen horizon With nothing to hide. En realidad esta esquina Es un lodazal de reencarnaciones Convertidas en fundas de luto. En realidad la forma de las cosas Es un aura palpable, Un alma, un eclipse hueco, Una cascada de horizonte helado Sin nada que ocultar.

    Marianela Medrano is a Dominican writer and poet, with a PhD in psychology living in Connecticut since I will arise now, and go the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek… whom my soul loves. Song of Songs Should I dye my hair red? My old old old hair?

    Red strands of curls to wrap around his waist and watch him gush forth dripping birthing love again and again. I have no fear of love of soaking in the viscosity of a deferred dream that strips me of my name Nameless I wander the streets dismantled. Should I dye my hair red to dispel the voice no longer calling me? Should I wake up to darkness soaring like a kite in his hands? I will arise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek… whom my soul loves.

    Mechones rizos que amarro a su cintura y le miro lanzarse hacia adelante goteando Dando a luz al amor una y otra vez. Margarita Drago is an Argentinean professor, poet and narrator who has lived in the USA since she was released from prison. She is the author of the poetry collection Con la memoria al ras de la garganta ; and the memoir Fragmentos de la memoria. Fragments from Prison Luis Luna was born in Madrid, in It amazes you the heat, the uncertainty of the flame, the language of the smoke.

    The tense dialog from the cold and the twilight with the bodies close to the light, impelled to it as the bird to the edge. It summoned not by the force of necessity nor the practice but also for the beauty. Te sorprende el calor, la incertidumbre de la llama, el lenguaje del humo. A ella convocados no por la fuerza de la necesidad ni la costumbre sino por la belleza. What matters is the image that arises in your memory the answer that vibrates in the empty hole of your hand. Linda Morales Caballero was born in Peru, but has lived in several countries. Short stories: El libro de los enigmas With LAIA, she created a yearly international literary contest and Anthology, and developed literary circles and creative writing workshops.

    Last year she co-founded the Literary Group: Fuego de Luna. We swam against the current tied by our hands submerging in the bar among mermaids. Deep into the night, among drunks. Deep into time… within the midnight prop craters. Through the waves of the glances I saw you passing through at once by all perspectives… from my stand point I saw your insides….

    And so I loved you, but your confabulations started until a dragon erupted from my mouth the fire of a visceral and well known rage. My green desolation under the Manhattan planes pierced you from my pupils. I wished to tear you apart, and I did. Suddenly, you became hair, saliva, a diluted smile, a distorted image. The picture of the feared number…. The night ran like a river to drain its tentacles at the sea of the subconscious, to reveal you that your icons live in the hippocampus of my lost eyes… You were so afraid about so much of so much in me… that you madness turned into a scarecrow for children.

    A game of chimneysweepers, the organ grinder on the shadowed corner… a life of invented nightmares. Tuve deseos de deshacerte, y lo hice. Poet, ensayist and narrator. Chemist, biologist and college professor. Her work has been included in anthologies and critical studies. In she was awarded the first prize in the World Ecopoetry Contest. I feel the urge for a pocket planet To stroll upon it barefoot Unhurried and without schedules. A planet to be shared With trees and deer Caterpillars, butterflies and dolphins A planet with seas of medusas and crustaceans And the migrations from arctic flights As far as the Indian Ocean.

    I survey the lengthening of a sigh And protect inside the pocket My planet of forests and mangrove swamps Voiceless in the air, peaceful in the cities. A planet whose people have green conscience Their hands determined to improve life And a soaring heart bursting by the edge of night. Siento ganas de un planeta de bolsillo para caminarlo a pie sin prisa y sin horarios. Lena Retamoso Urbano Lima, is a P. Jorge Paolantonio. Catamarca, Argentina, Poet, narrator, playwright.

    A professor of Anglo-Saxon language and literature. Theatre critic. He resides in Buenos Aires since He has published thirteen books of poems, most recently: Baus [] y En este duro oficio [anthology, ]. Paolantonio also has six published novels, most recently: Traje de Lirio [] y Aguasanta []. In the theatre he has seventeen pieces compiled in four volumes, most recently: Un dios menor []. He has lived in NY since Koki is a bilingual autor Gallego and Castilian. Your exquisite body Sank in the tenuous water, While the moon fi ltered in With all its mysteries.

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    The window blinds Played with the wind, And the tub embraced you With its arms of iron. The water forever Climbed up your skin With its tender swashing To break your codes. I was the gale Stirring your sails, I was the tsunami Shaking your tub. At the end, however, time was Relentless, and I surrendered, Becoming harbor and seashore, To be the water in your bathtub. Also studied English and German. Also in , some of his poems have been included in the anthology, Solo para Locos Vol.

    While I write Someone agonizes Someone plants gardenias Someone unearths the bones of someone who wrote verses Someone sees the moon Someone with a face, with a name, with a tear rebuilds epochs on the sand And I, I carve holes in Time, Thinking myself the epicenter The sun of a galaxy that happens tied to my existence. It eludes me that the others are suns to their own galaxies Inexperienced gods with a quill and a gas lamp in their chests predisposed to ceasing.

    While someone writes with blood and sighs their unrepeatable story I hesitate I expire I stop being. Mientras alguien escribe con sangre y suspiros su historia irrepetible yo vacilo yo caduco yo dejo de ser yo. La muerte, al fondo de las cerradas puertas, canta. Sus manos grises huelen a naufragios y a cenizas.

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    A poet, actor, writer and director, he is Associate Professor at the National University of Colombia. He studied Philosophy and Music at the Universidad del Valle. With Patricia Ariza, he founded Teatro Tramaluna more than 17 years ago. His work Death or how to bury his father has been published in the theatrical Anthology I by the National University of Colombia.

    Does perhaps the jaguar speaks to the lark? Does the saman tree to the murmuring stones of the river bed needs words to bury the roots and to drink the waters? Ah broken brain! Within us… the Word. Word that still does not understand the sing of the birds ciphers in languages a paradise of deaths and passions.

    Poetry – The Americas Poetry Festival of New York

    In the middle of a cornfield the ringdoves fly upon hearing the voices of harvesters that get nearby. En nosotros… la Palabra. En medio del maizal las torcazas alzan vuelo al sentir la voz de los corteros que se acercan. A , and New York U.

    Ven a la Puerta de la Sabiduria: Como tener una Experiencia Fuera del Cuerpo!

    Novel as J. A profile of him was published in the fall issue of Columbia Magazine. The story, of course, of this wall, ink of settlement, slaughter, slavery printed on pulp of white supremacy, sanctimoniously bound in denial. Juana M. Ramos was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador. She has been living in New York since She is a writer, poet and educator. Her poetry book Palabras al borde de mis labios was published in Mexico by miCieloediciones, Her poems have also appeared in anthologies, digital journals and blogs and literary magazines in Latin America and the United States.

    What he said. What she said. What she said, his sister. What they said, those who saw them go and come. The old pertaining to a group. The trunk. The source. The same nobility or the same lowness. Again water. And finally she who no longer listens. La lista. Lo que ella dijo. Lo que dijeron los que los vieron ir y venir. La vieja pertenencia a un grupo. El tronco. La procedencia. La misma nobleza o la misma bajeza. La sangre. El agua. Otra vez el agua. Y finalmente ella que ya no escucha. He gave me a peso crushed smooth by a train, a green clay figurine.

    We swam in the fountain, circled by cars; drivers stopped to whistle: gringo. After that summer, he disappeared into Bloomington, Indiana. We exchanged letters, one each, and stopped. We found the mummies of Guanajuato crowding a hill, babies in lace caps and trios of men, teeth exposed to sing rancheras to themselves.

    If I could wake you out of your heartland, I would point my finger south, toward a vanishing point of sand, knowing full well:. When you placed that silver peso on the track, to smear the face of a man to alloy, entire histories disappeared. She is the author of Seguir al viento [Following the Wind]. She has been included in several anthologies. Her work has been partially translated into several languages. Certainty Death cannot be lamented through swirls of certainty. It happens almost always in the midst of outbursts From one joy to the next It falls silent and breeds in the heart of fear.

    Life is a crack of light Flowing from the purest black To endless darkness. Death is out there mocking Goading that thing we call absence Ordering others to clothe the body. We guess, belatedly, other endings Like owners of that life we shared Time and space. We run away, we duck Arrogantly, helplessly, we refuse to move From our own lives.

    And we discover that death can be That luminous moment That happens after the black, long while That someone named life. Entonces tememos no ser rozados abrazados ya por nuestros hijos. Huimos, esquivamos nos plantamos arrogantes desvalidos ante nuestra propia vida. Poet, translator, musician and scholar. He attended Universidad Nacional de Colombia where he studied both music and literature. Carlos earned his PhD at the University of Arizona where he specialized in the study of film and literature. Eunice took several courses in fashion design at Pratt Institute N.

    Secretos del faro is her first poetry book. Her poems appear on Mujeres de Palabra Poetic Anthology. Every race bows prostrate before the same courtesan with the loose-fitting crown under whose skirt lies concealed the rot of a mediocre world. The same woman rises arrogant on the banks of the Seine, Mrs. From Rome the Great to the Restored One the peacocks of phonetics flock together and reply with images that play out behind our backs. Adulterous gods of noble stock with a shattering song and living quarters of which GOD does not partake. Mankind, meanwhile, saps the strength of silence with the wan joy of its feeling understood and flourishes to the ice bucket challenge in the garden of these lumpen gods.

    I wonder: how many Decembers will we see naked before stirring underbrush and digging up roots? Let us cut the threads that pass through the eyes of the beads on our necklaces made of metal, living quarters and titles which, amid broken lives, keep us eagerly waiting! Cada raza se postra ante la misma cortesana de corona suelta, bajo cuya falda se esconde la fetidez de un mundo mediocre. Mientras, el hombre le quita fuerza al silencio con su vago goce de creerse comprendido. Alex Lima is the author of two poetry collections, Inverano and Bilocaciones His poems have also appeared in literary magazines and anthologies home and abroad.

    He received his Ph. Despite our differences most of us in this room are less that ten generations apart Reach out! Her visual poetry is included in the anthology La palabra transfigurada. She is the publisher of miCielo ediciones. I look at the horizon, I descend. A reddish sky blankets the city; so often hated-loved-hated, and fleeting yearning of one who has never walked it.

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    Leave me with the beastiary that dwells in my dreams and my men and my women and my machine of forgetting and my family history and my laces in my shoes and my errors and my few good decisions and my voice cutting the air, when nothing is enough now and only the Blues console me. Miro el horizonte, desciendo. She has lived in New York City since Widely published in Latin America and Spain, some of her books have been published in translation in Italy, Quebec, Romania, and England. She is the founding editor of Ediciones Pen Press www. Juan Armando Rojas Joo is a transborder poet, narrator and essayist.

    During the spring of Rojas was honored by the Universade de Coimbra, Portugal, as the resident poet. Rojas completed his Ph.

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    Arsenio Pacheco, Madrid, Espasa Calpe, Collins , Marsha S. Antonio Carreira, Madrid, Castalia, Y Buenos Aires, Kraft, Hurtado de Mendoza , Diego, Poemas. Rico, Sevilla, Universidad, Leeper , Evelyn C. May , Thomas E. Soledad primera ilustrada y defendida , Zaragoza, Prensas Universitarias, , p. Paterson , Alan K. Plinio , Historia natural , trad. Prince , Dawn, ed. El amor al uso , eds. Arellano y F. Serralta, Toulouse, PUM, Valladares de Valdelomar , Juan, Caballero venturoso , eds. Jammes, p. El texto lo cito por Jammes, , p. Ver M. Osuna Cabezas, , p.

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    Con este tipo de exegesis cualquier texto se puede entender de cualquier manera. May [ De igual manera el peregrino se dirige a lo que parece una luz y encuentra un perro junto a una hoguera. El concepto resulta paralelo del inicial vv. Giustiniani, El nuevo Atlas universal abreviado , p.

    Ver infra. A Guide into the Soledades , s. En lib. La piedra en la cabeza de la hiena se llama hiena ver Gaspar de Morales, Libro de las virtudes y propiedades , lib. Pero no se trata de eso: hay dos animales en Villaviciosa. Ver lo que sigue para el examen del texto de La Mosquea y otros sobre el carbunclo animal. El Tesoro se publica en La nota de M. Cabarcas Antequera, , pp. Granada cita a Barco Centenera. Ver Zaboroski, Ver Leeper, Solo recojo algunos ejemplos: ver, pues, para diversas interpretaciones del carbunclo, a menudo llenas de confusiones de piedras, animales, mitos de tesoros, etc.

    Aparece emergiendo desde el suelo como una llamarada en las oscuras y tranquilas noches cercanas al solsticio de invierno. Se debe acudir a la medianoche siguiente llevando una pala nueva. Contents - Previous document - Next document. Outline El pasaje oscuro de la Soledad primera. Los comentaristas antiguos. Los comentaristas modernos. Lobos, perros, tigres, ciervos, osos, amadas lejanas. Full text PDF k Send by e-mail. El texto lo cito por Ja El Diccionari Ver algunas observacion La leyenda n Bibliographical references Alatorre , Antonio.

    Robert Jammes, Madrid, Castalia, Top of page. El ingenio de Quevedo. Browse Index Authors Keywords Works studied.