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Subtract your projected expenses from your projected revenue to calculate your projected income. Prepare a cash flow projection by creating a spreadsheet devoting columns to each month of the year and listing your categories of available capital and outgoing expenses in the left hand margin.

Fill in the amounts you anticipate earning and spending, and subtract the expenses from the capital to calculate your available cash month by month. Devra Gartenstein founded her first food business in In she transformed her most recent venture, a farmers market concession and catering company, into a worker-owned cooperative.

Wine Bar Business Plan

She does one-on-one mentoring and consulting focused on entrepreneurship and practical business skills. Share It. About the Author. We are hoping to provide a desirable atmosphere to our target market, but the possibility of not gaining a large enough customer base or interest poses the threat of the company not being as profitable as hoped for. The United States is now the largest consumer of wine in the world. Gallons Of Wine Consumed Ohio is ranked 9th in the country in wine consumption. The age group The geographic area is focused on Athens county, but is not limited to other regions such as Logan, Nelsonville, Marietta, and the Hocking Hills areas.

Market Size Athens is a historic college town in the southeastern region of Ohio. Athens is home to Ohio University and an estimated population of around 22, According to the U. S census the adjacent counties have an approximate population of , It will be a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that combines a contemporary and chic feel. We will have higher end dining at a reasonable price.


Each time a customer comes into the wine bar they have the opportunity to try a glass of wine from one of fifteen different countries selected. After completing the fifteen countries, they are offered a complimentary bottle of the wine of their choice. This will tactic will help to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as a growing customer base for our business. College I.

This promotional strategy is geared toward the college students who wish to escape from Court Street for a night and enjoy a more sophisticated atmosphere at a less expensive cost than a typical night. Wine tasting events Customers can come and enjoy a fun evening out every first Friday of the month.

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This helps customers learn which wines they enjoy the most without having to buy individual glasses of them all. As these friends interact with the Page, News Feed keeps driving word-of-mouth to a wider circle of friends. Order a couple toshare with a group of friends or order a few to explore new tastes for yourself and a lovedone. We pair our wonderful dishes, soups , salads, and sandwiches with wonderful tastingwines to offer an exquisite dining and social environment. Finish your experience with a tasteof our wonderful gourmet desserts.

Various brands from each category are offered by the Glazer distribution company which operates out of Columbus, which Mr.

Reasons to Inaugurate a Wine Bistro

Cook is familiar with. Another prominent distributor out of Columbus is Heidelberg, and after opening for operation more distributors will make themselves known to the wine bar to increase their business. Based on the rural setting and our target market, offering beverages which are less expensive and less sophisticated, such as beer, is important.

Sample of a Wine Bistro Business Template

These beers could include craft beers such as Great Lakes or Samuel Adams. A mark- up is defined as the amount that a seller of goods or services chargers over and above the total cost of delivering its product or service in order to make a desired profit. Markups must be sizable enough to cover all anticipated business expenses and reductions, such as markdowns, stock shortages, and employee and customer discounts, and still provide the business with a good profit.

When itcomes to pricing it is also a good strategy toprice by the quarter.

A Sample Wine Bar Business Plan Template

Having prices ending in. If purchasing a bottle around the desired price Mr. This square foot building comes with newer heating and cooling systems, good parking, handicap accessible entrances, and bathrooms that make this property a move-in ready opportunity. We believe that this location and building offer what is needed to operate a wine bar in Athens. The square foot building provides the space needed to have a small kitchen and have the space for the bar area. We purpose adding a bar, small tables, large sharingtables, booths, and a outdoor dining deck. Currently, the building has a bluecolored siding that needs to be changed to better fit the style of this business.

This would be changed to having stone panels run the length of the building andextending up to meet the bottom of the windows.

From where the stone endsand upward will be covered by white siding. There are two windows that could be knocked out and replaced with sliding glass doors. These doors will lead out on to the deck that will be approximately 15ft x 20ft. The deck will be furnished without outdoor tables and chairs along with appropriate lighting so that our customers may enjoy their experience outside if so desired.

Serving food requires that we designate a part of thebuilding for a small kitchen. All of the tables and chairs will be high, as well as the bar stools. The lighting will be dim, matching that of the image below. There will also be a few booths for a more comfortable and intimate setting, located perpendicular to the bar itself.

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  7. We will have a white trim along the bottom wall to add beauty and sophistication to the room. Most of the tables will be for either two to four people which creates a more intimate setting.

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    Also, we will have a few large tables so that people can enjoy the night with a group of friends. We will also have a candle set on each tableand wall paintings so that we are able to dim the lights and create a relaxingatmosphere for our customers to come and unwind after a long day of work. The value of knowing where our food comes from is of great importance to us as well as our consumers. Using the Athens Farmers Market as the main supplier of our food and ingredients allows for support of the local community, and a great way to integrate the company throughout Athens.

    The building that is in place has beenused in the past as an office building, but still holds whatwe believe is necessary to convert it into a wine bar. To operate a wine bar in Athens, a liquor license must be obtained. The specific license that is needed for this type of bar is a D-2 Permit. Problems: -Need an additional 2, people to the Athens population for a new license to be created -Waiting list for a liquor license has been occupied since -Possibility of purchasing a license from a surrounding county, but the proposed business must prove that they will provide an economic benefit to the area they are bringing the license This type of zone is the most lenient, and allows for almost any type of business.

    With a functioning kitchen, bar, numerous tables, and an outdoor deck area there is a definite need to hire at least two more employees to help with the operation of this business. During the times that school is in session we predict to have no problem running our normal hours as listed above. See Appendix I After extensive research and planning we provided an industry analysis, marketing analysis, business plan, and projected financial statements for our clients to examine.

    It is our recommendation to the client that if the information provided in this report caters to their wants and needs, that they take the appropriate actions to make this possibility a reality. Athens County Visitors Guide. Media Brite. Athens Farmers Market. Athens Ohio Real Estate. Plan to pay required taxes associated with hiring employees. Morgan Rush is a California journalist specializing in news, business writing, fitness and travel.

    He's written for numerous publications at the national, state and local level, including newspapers, magazines and websites. Share It. About the Author.