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'Lives of living death': The reproductive lives of slave women in the cane world Seasonal variations and age-related changes in human sperm count, motility.

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Rescue the brown Spliboxes and avoid the aliens by making walls of Spliboxes. Back from his last adventure, Eratosthenes discovered a trove of ancient scrolls in the Library of Alexandria! Help him travel Egypt again and spread knowledge. Figure out how to slice the box to match the design. Make precise cuts in the right order to match perfectly. Wheely decided it would be a good idea to open a bank account. But a gang of cars robbed the bank! Help Wheely figure out who stole his money. Help Alfi, a young forest spirit, explore the forest and capture a golden flower that can grant any wish.

Assemble your team of thieves and break into the bank! Open locked doors, move obstacles, hack computers and blow up walls to escape with the cash! Think you've got a good throwing arm? Hurl stone, ice and fire to get the caveman's baby dinosaur into the nest. Don't run out of ammo! Two dogs are stranded in a space station on the moon! Use teamwork to help them reach their rocket and escape the station.

Help the blue and green monsters knock off the red monster blocks. Each monster has a special ability. Warning: This is the hardest Layer Maze game yet! Flip switches to move sliders and unblock new paths in the maze. Evil coyotes have kidnapped the kids from Sun Grande city! Help Amigo Coyote fly up the cliffs to the mountain fortress and rescue them! Someone's mixed up the blocks! Can you find the pattern, and put the blocks back in the right order?

Place powerups in exactly the right place to guide the ball.


Reach the flag before you run out of moves. Can you collect the stars along the way? Help this sock guy get his hat back! He can unattach his limbs to push levers and hold doors open. But he needs them to climb walls and make jumps too! He's back, and he's hungry! Help the blue critter catch some Christmas candy in this winter wonderland.

Help the blue ball escape the maze in the ultimate 3 dimensional layer maze challenge. Use your new ability to re-color your ball for a whole new challenge. You're on the demolition crew, and you need to take down a huge tower frame. Find the tower's weak points and collapse them using as little TNT as possible.

There's plenty of work at the rail yard! Flip switches, connect cars, and move the trains to the right stations. Aim your shot and control your power to spread knowledge throughout the land. Ben and Tusky are out adventuring and can't find their way home! Remove obstacles and use physics to get them back to Ben's wife. Wheely went to the movies with his girlfriend, but got stuck in the show!

Help him defeat the evil wizard and escape the fantasy world with his princess! Kind of like our game Cut! Slice up the boxes to get as much of the wood off of the screen as you can. You only get to make four cuts! There's water everywhere! Strategically position pumps, pipes, portals and other objects to get the right amount of water into each container. Don't spill any! The little android is stuck on another space station!

Fire your laser to change gravity and collect the computer chips so he can get home safely. More crazy Vehicles action! Help the good rescue vehicles knock the bad ones off of the screen, and get to the parking spots! The cyclops are back! Move the green and red cyclops shapes onto the platforms that match their color. Find your way through more great layer maze levels.

Collect all of the stars in each level to lower your time and improve your score! The scientist's new time machine has crashed, and now he's stuck back in time! Explore the world and collect parts to help him fix it. It's block swapping madness! Figure out how to knock off all of the red shaped blocks while keeping the green ones safe. The BLOCnog needs to eat! Help the BLOCnog grow by sliding it around the level so that it makes the correct shape. After a while, it gets really tricky! The blocks are out of control!

Swap blocks to make sets of 3 and clear them from the board. You only have a few moves to play with, so plan ahead! Jump on each of the jelly blocks to destroy them and open a portal to the next level. Don't get trapped too far from the portal! Delete blocks to help the little monster block and his baby sister wake up their bigger brother. Delete as few blocks as possible to master each level! Aim, shoot, and split light beams of different colors to activate the Globy critters.

Mouse Trap - Atari 2600

Try to use as few moves as possible! The little robot needs help finding his way around the Gravistation! Move him around, shoot lasers, flip gravity, collect coins, and reach the exit. Cut up the boxes so that all of the ones with the white arrows get knocked off the screen. Each box is pulled in a different way by gravity!

Wheely's lawnmower broke! Go to the store, on a cruise, and into outer space to get it back. And save the world in the process. Help the ninja reach the gong in this crazy, gravity-shifting game! Control a team of ninjas to rotate the world and make a path to the gong for the black ninja. Arrange numbers on the grid to cancel the larger numbers out. Plan ahead and put the numbers in the right place! Guide the laser beam through the colored walls and into the pyramid. Plan ahead and don't run out of moves!

The red jelly monsters have been stranded on an alien planet! Help them reunite and find coins along the way. More Sugar? Break all of the eggs by shooting skeletons out of the cannon. Don't let any eggs fall off the screen! Slide the pipes around the board to connect the blue arrows to each other. Sure, it looks easy at first, but wait until you reach level 6! Collect the energy blocks. After the first level, you can't collect all of the blocks without hitting the spikes or falling off.

But your ghost will help you! Help three jelly creatures explore mysterious tropical islands. Use their different abilities to collect all of the stars and find the statue in each level. Help all of the blocks grow beards! Arrange the blocks so that all of the blocks get touched by the bearded blocks. Knock down the towers of red, yellow, and green blocks.

Earn stars and unlock new balls which are more powerful but cost more points. Escape a 3D maze with lots of layers. Did you think the first Layer Maze game was too easy? Then try this one, it's a lot tougher! See if you can figure out how to recreate the image with a limited number of moves. Once you get the hang of it, it's really fun!

Help Doctor Acorn save the birds! Use your mouse to pull levers, flip switches, collect medicine, and get through each level safely. Help a smart but slightly overweight scientist use his robotic ball to get through each level. Control the ball to go places he can't, avoid traps, and solve puzzles. Slide the tetris shapes into place quickly to complete the shape. Can you get 3 stars on every level? Help the good vehicles ram the bad ones off of the screen and get to the parking spots! Each vehicle has special powers to help you solve the puzzle. Good show, sir!

Clear all of the colored blocks from the board, except for the green gentleman.

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By Jove, it's a jolly good time! Help the little blue critter collect his candy in this strange mechanical world. Grab gears, boxes, and other objects to pull the critter towards them. A giant monster has attacked your ship! Escape the ship with the help of a monkey who can turn off gravity. The bouncy blue block destroys the other blue blocks it touches. Hit the blue blocks in the right order to destroy them all and make it to the red block.

Rearrange the hexagon tiles so that all of the colored chains are connected. Try to do it in as few moves as possible! Blosics is back! Fling balls at the towers of blocks to knock them down and reach the target score. Each shot costs points, so use the smallest ball you can. Escape a 3D maze. It looks 2D at first, but you can move between layers of the maze.

You'll need to memorize each layer's layout to make good time! Wheely went to the garage to fix his tire, but accidentally got sent back in time! Help Wheely solve puzzles, find hidden objects, and get back home. Help Junior wake up his bigger brother in the third game of this great game series. Don't drop Junior! Help the monsters take over the town! Activate pipes to spread the monsters onto every single open tile in order to win. Help solve the puzzle in each night's dream. You'll need to think outside the box in order to solve all of them! The mammoths are stuck outside in the cold weather!

Get them back to their huts so they can be with their family. Help the explorer get through the gate in each level. The door can only be opened if it has power. But you can move around pieces of the level! Get the good monsters into the portal, but don't let the bad ones in! Destroy platforms to save the good monsters and destroy the bad monsters. Hop into your submarine and return to the deep sea.

Explore the sea floor and find the hidden treasure chests. The king's cake has been stolen! Help him explore his kingdom and get it back. And while you're looking, can you help him find his golden tickets too? It's rush hour and you're stuck in the parking lot. Move the other cars out of the way so you can reach the exit. Return to a mysterious world where light can magically make objects appear or disappear.

Solve even more extra-cool levels in this great game sequel. Connect all pipes of the same color.

5-level Maze for Hamsters. Who is the BEST?

The pipes can't cross, and you have to fill all of the space with pipes! The orange is back with more extra hard levels! Flip gravity, cut ropes, and crank cranks to help him collect the lemons and reach the exit. Draw electric lines to connect all of the nodes and complete the circuit. Don't get the electricity crossed! Slice the jelly blob into pieces so that no pieces have more than one star.

Knock down towers of green blocks in this crazy physics game. Each shot costs points, so plan carefully and use the smallest ball possible. Bring the cat his favorite African foods by crushing ice blocks, removing obstacles, and knocking out the other animals that want to take his food! Jellydad's family is imprisoned in the space station! Crawl through vents, hack into computers, and avoid enemies to rescue your family and escape! This game will really test your timing and planning skills. Just retract the hooks without letting them touch.

It starts out easy, but gets much more difficult! Help Daddy Longlegs deliver holiday gifts to his baby daughter. Shoot webs to climb walls, pick up gifts, and move objects. Throw snowballs at ice, wood, and steel structures to help Sheriff Snowman save the holiday gifts.

Sign me up! Delete blocks to help the mischievous little monster block wake up his bigger brother. Master each level by deleting as few blocks as possible! A puzzling sequel to the original Fractured game! Help Molly find her way through each shattered level and reach the portal. Change gravity, cut ropes, and flip switches to collect all of the coins and get to the next level. Help the Magicians collect their cards and escape each level. Use your mirror images to help you, but you'll need to avoid lots of obstacles, too! The mouse is hungry, but the cat has the cheese!

Help the mouse get the cheese in this bite-sized puzzle game! Remove blocks to help drop the smiling shapes into the portals. Don't let any of them fall off of the screen! Explore a mysterious pyramid solving puzzles that'll really make you think outside the box. You might need a friend to help you with these! The bots are out of control! Group all of the bots together, without letting any of them fall off the screen. Robo needs to get to work, but everything is broken!

Help Robo fix everything and reach the end of each level. Explore a mysterious world where light can magically make objects disappear. It's kind of weird at first, but trust me, you'll love this game! Another Wheely-great game! Push buttons, flip switches and crank cranks to help Wheely get to the end of each level. Help Gombo recover his lost heart. Seems simple, until you learn to put Gombo to sleep and control a Gombite.

Then it gets crazy! Remove obstacles and use gravity to make blocks of the same color collide! Clear all of the colored blocks from each level. The pig is on the loose! Help prevent him from escaping by placing stone walls to block his path. Drop a colored shape into each of the portals in this wacky puzzle game. Can you collect all of the stars on each level? Papa Louie wants you to run his Donuteria! Use time management and math skills to help make great donuts that your customers will love. Amigo Coyote is now partying in New York! Help him float away by removing obstacles so that his balloons don't get popped.

New Logic Games. Initiating containment protocol Its mealtime! Put your architect's hat on and draw a path to serve the mouse its cheesy dinner. These puzzles will tie you in knots! Someone scrambled the picture! Clear out all the tiles, but make sure you leave a path to the exit! Each symbol has a secret meaning. Are you "literate" enough to uncover all 6 solutions?

Sometimes when you want a banana, you've got to break a couple of coconuts. Collect all the jewels by filling up the grid! Can you figure out where to place each route? Slide and stack your way to combine the colors! How many moves will it take you? These happy hexagons all want to match. Switch up their colors, but don't run out of moves! The dice are all over the place! Joe only knows one way to walk: straight ahead! Use your items to guide him safely to the exit. Hop in your hot air balloon and prepare for adventure! Help El Patron fry the zombies and purify the camp afterwards a chain explosion would suffice it.

You need to burn the zombies before cleansing the camp! Basement Trouble. Help the mouse put the cat in the box, and get home afterwards! Aquatic Freedom. Cat's Abduction. Easy puzzle. Created by Bomb'A. Created by BountyHunterSAx. Guide Tim the Toolman safely to his home; but beware the croc-pit! Challenge: Complete the puzzle. Weekly Puzzle 01 - Feed the Cat Mortimer the lower mouse tried to sell out his brother Uppi the upper mouse. Feed Mortimer to the Cat!

No half-baked, broken, cruddy eggs! Pumpkinhead in their UFO! Baseball Storage. Put the box in the hole. Created by BrainMeat. Timing Pipes. Created by ButtonClicker. Get the marble in the blue zone and the bowlingball off the screen Nothing but Net. Created by Caribou. Waldo is Depressed. Created by CasualSax. Waldo has had a rough week. He lost his job and his wife ran off with his three kids. Give him something to smile about Kick the Ball. Created by Chez.

The soccer ball wants to be kicked off the screen. Help it to reach the goal! Fight the zombies. Created by Chracer. The zombies keep coming. Help Tim disrupt the supply and defeat all zombies Tims Ocean Rivals! Created by Cheddar. Tim is out in the ocean on a fishing trip when he spots his rivals!

Cheese For Mouse Puzzles - III - Teleports

Blow them up! Milton's Alarm! Milton The Mousewant to get to his house. Unfortunatly his alarm system wont turn off! Help Milton get to his house the back way. Too Many Ropes. Created by Commando Keen. Go Green and Go Home. Created by Concept. Help Toolman Tim get back home with the help of some good old fashion recycling Waldo's Feed Machine. Created by Conundrum. Waldo's Feed Machine has broken down! Help repair it so he can eat Dogs Can Fly. Tinker really wants to take to the skies.

He build a machine to go up but it's been dismantled! Help him go into the air Commercial Failure. An ad on Tv appears showing how easy it is to turn on a blender, but some pieces are missing! Repair the machine on the Tv Created by Citg. Bob at the bottom carefully built his igloo out of snow. The Tim Twins are going to use their teleporters to destroy it!

Explode the bomb and wreck Bob's house. You don't really need to get the second tim down there. Just explode the bomb and flip Lucky Lunch. Make everyone lunch. Hint: Get Tinker inside his house too! Created by CromaSuperAmico. Purple Balloon! Created by Crowmon. Help Tim signal his mom that he wants dinner! Launch the purple Balloon of screen, and she will send him a pizza! Two Hamster Motor.

Welcome to Two Hamster Motor! Keep the two light bulbs energized. Save Waldo. Created by DarkThief Darek. Waldo was too curious and trapped himself on top of the tree. Help him get down and back to his cat food by the house. Created by DeadAndy. The first five bowling balls need to be delivered upstairs offscreen top via the buckets tied to the paper lanterns!

Eggbert needs a lift! Get Eggbert safely that is, without breaking onto the other teeter-totter Mouse House Mayhem. Created by Desserter. Due to budget cuts, NASA needs your help launching the rocket Liberate the balloons and guide them to their new life of freedom! So Close, yet so far away. Created by Dj Jysbs. Get Tim home. All yellow balls out of screen. Explode the dynamite. Pop the ballon Created by Dorque. Darned kids! Use the free energy device to retaliate! Busting the Blockbuster. Created by Dr Fruitcake. Tim got lost and somehow ended up trapped on the set of a summer action movie!

Keep all the explosives from exploding, and help his animal friends get him out of that cage so he can go home! Blender in the Sky. Good heavens! That blender needs to be turned on for some reason Tim and Tim think they're safe in their secret underground mountain shelter. Prove them wrong by getting the bomb inside and blowing it up! Created by Dragon. Help Mr Jones get home from work but what a bowling ball the size of a bolder has blocked his path you need to help him move it Tim's Rocket Launch.

Created by Duncanbuildit. Tim is lauching a rocket unfortunatley he purchased a rocket lighter that was way to complex. So he needs you to help him Family meeting. Created by Dweets. Wondercontructs Puzzle 1. Created by EXPerince It's a bit quiet here in the cave. Add a little sound by letting the marbles hit both Chimes Recycle old tennises.

Created by ElDiente. They're too old to be used Trick of pulling off tablecloth. Do you know the trick of pulling off tablecloth? Tim and his brother plans to play this trick in their explosion lab but not sure how to do this well. Can you help them complete this trick without blowing up their lab? Be careful and be patience. An old domino effect. Still remember how we simulate the domino effect 15 years ago? Blow the tennises off the sky!

Final exam. Milton and Waldo are taking the final exam and the summer vacation's coming! Milton's doing well, however Waldo's just drawing somthing meaningless. Let's feed milton some cheese and give Waldo a punishment instead of the cat food. Besides, launch the fir Recycle the 2 tennises to their corresponding recycle bin. Fire, works. Created by Emaker. My puzzle entry for competing the acheivement for making a puzzle with 20 or more parts Created by Enthalpix.

The doom of Toolman Tim. Created by Even Toolman Tim is going to demolish these beautiful flying islands again just for fun. Stop him before he can succeed with his evil plan. Also make sure to feed the - almost starving - mouse, because Toolman Tim cut off his ways to get some supplies. Wait for it. Waldo the cat planned a very slow, slow revenge to Milton and Tim. Trap Waldo's enemies all! And also, pop the paper lantern, she's hate it somehow Trap the Cat. Created by Fadamaka.

Stop The Earthquake Machine. Created by Five British Pounds. Stop the Earthquake Machine so he can cross safely Tim Goes Home - Puzzle variant. Created by Flobb Ferocious Felines. Created by Freaksheet. Don't Slay the Eggclops! Created by FreddyThePickle. For years, the tidy hamlet of Eggville have lived in fear of the Eggclops. Andrew, however, knows that he is kind and generous and would never hurt a fly.

Help Andrew and the Eggclops deliver an offering of cheese to the citizens of Eggville and keep Eg Created by Frozen Sol. Help Toolman Tim get the rocket started on its escape from the factory Wacky Bomb Clock. Every bomb enthusiast needs an exploding clock! It's 10 o'clock, so make the clock sound out with a bang! Waldo's Mega-Cannon. Waldo's almost completely sure his Mega-Cannon will destroy Milton's house this time. Fire the cannon but make sure Milton stays safe Help tim. Created by GDSugardude.

Lazy Tim and his shed. Created by GeorgeT Tim is being lazy and refusing to go to his toolshed. Get him moving and into his shed to solve this puzzle Caged Clone Go Home. Tim has cloned himself, and managed to trap both himself and his clone in cages. Free them both so that clone Tim can return to the storage facility house. The cannon MUST be used in order to succeed. Don't forget to feed Mr. G5-P Beasts of the forrest. Created by Gergely.

Ballon trip. Created by Gortz reborn. Tim wants to go on a ballon trip, help him light on his machine Fly the rocket. Assembly Line Problems. Created by Gourmet Sandwich Rolls. Waldo the Cat feels like being a cheeky trickster. Get him in the recycling box and off the bottom conveyor belt into the endless abyss Created by Granny4theWIN.

Sun Moon Rock. Created by GravityUnown. Break the egg, pop the purple balloon, and turn on the lightbulb! Light Bulb. Created by GrizzlyAdams. Oh no! Morton can not see what he is doing! Keep all the light bulbs on so he can figure out what is going on! Get Rid of the Mice. Waldo's basement is infested with mice! Help him get rid of them once and for all!

Feed all of them to Crocodile Steve Jump Start. Waldo's contraption is almost complete. Light the candle and make sure the ballon goes off the screen to fufill his happiness Created by Grulps. Toasty 2. Created by Gunstavle. Created by HaidrGna. Ev smelled acetic acid!! Wake up Dozer. Created by Hammerfan. Dozer has fallen alsleep outside his cave! Wake him up by turning on the light and the blender so he can move back inside Contraption Maker Space Program.

Created by Hatfork. The Contraption Maker Space Program is almost ready for it's first launch. But what's this? Somebody has forgotten to move the rocket to the launch pad! In order to ensure a successful blast-off, you'll need to get the rocket to the launch pad and help Vacuum up tennis ball. Created by Hesh. Inspired by the classics I enjoyed as a child. Simple, yet still get that AH HA! Created by Hitpawz. Make everybody happy except the stupid cat. Feed both rats 2. Feed Fido 3. Get Richard home Stock In The Sky.

Created by Free Deadly Cola. Get the bowling ball into the yellow box, then put the basketball in its original place No Elevator to Success. Tim is heading back to his house from work, but the elevator leading to it is stuck. Perhaps the cannon might solve this issue The Unlikely Truce. Milton and Waldo were so busy with their daily cat and mouse business, they forgot the way back to their homes. Can you make them team up and get Milton to his mouse hole and Waldo to his catnip? Toast Reproposal. Metal Works Madness. Backup Security. A thief has broken into the house, stole some stuff, and disabled the alarm in the process.

Find a way to repower the alarm before the crook gets away Scouring for Food. Dozer is hungry for that pumpkin. Help Tinker launch it off its perch so Dozer can enjoy a tasty fruit snack Toast Proposal. Get to the hopper! The parts creator is overloading the hopper! Help tim get down to the basement and flick the killswitch The Yellow Labyrinth.

One Cage or Another. Get the soccer ball out of the bottom cage and into the top one Cold Hard Coffee. Help Tim get his coffee pot down from that perch to where the snowman is, and find his way home. Make sure it's perculating at the snowman Rocket Mission.


An earthquake has caved in the laboratory. Send the rocket through the pipeline before the exit is sealed to call for help, removing any blockades along the way Metal Works Madness Light The Way. Tim is heading home from work, but there are obstacles in his path. Use the Glow Ball to help tim get to his house safely Deep Freeze. The temperature has dropped below zero inside the cave. Put the basketball and the bowling ball into the cardboard box to keep them from freezing Cheesy Revenge. Created by Ice Coldas. Waldo, Tinker and a piece of cheese are scheming against Milton Mouse. Help them capture him in the cage!

Pukeshake and Sweet Home. Turn on Blender and Toaster to make Tim some sandwich and puk.. Tim wants to have them in his house Toast and miced Cheese. Fire the cannon, get some toast for the maker. And last for not least, help Milton to his home, but be aware of Waldo Helping Hand. Cannon ball must find its road to the recycling basket, Waldo must be packed up to Fragilebox, and tim must get to his home the wino left already.

Mouse also needs some exercise , keep him running Firework Show. Created by J0HN. Launch all of the rockets and get Tim home safely after the show Tennis for One. Created by J3LLY. Jon the egg wants to learn how to play tennis like the famous tennis player, Andrew. Deliver him a tennis racket and a tennis ball so he can start practicing! A Match For You. It's pretty dark in this cave. Strike a match so you can see. Smoothie On The Double. Blend two smoothies for Tim and Tom. Difficulty: Medium The Calm Before The Storm.

A storm is brewing! Get Tim, Milton and Tinker to their homes. Perpetual Motion. Use perpetual motion to put the bowling ball in the box.

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  • Difficulty: Expert Switch It Up. Put the bowling ball in the cardboard box and put the baseball in the recycling box. Helium Hassle. Get the balloon off the screen, but be careful to not let it pop! One In The Chamber. Pop the blue balloon in the cage. Be careful, you only have one shot!

    Get the nitroglycerin safely off the bottom of the screen, unexploded. Tasty Freedom. Free the balloon and let it fly off the top of the screen. Feeding The Pets. Help Tim feed all of his pets before sunset. Feed Milton, Tinker and Waldo. Some Dogs Go To Hell. They say all dogs go to heaven, but Tinker certainly doesn't deserve to. Drop him off the bottom of the screen! Bullseye Balloon. Pop the balloon. Make your only shot count. Waldo's Airship.

    Waldo is terrorising the land in his flying airship! The only way to defeat him is to pop both of the balloons keeping him afloat. Cheese Delivery. Milton has ordered some cheese. Deliver the cheese to his house in the bottom left corner of the screen. Kill The Light. Complete Tim's evil plan to deprive the world of sunlight. Punch the Sun off the screen! Backyard Basketball. Slam dunk the basketball into the hoop. Waldo's Treehouse. Chase Milton back into his mouse hole. The electric devices have run out of power! Move conductors into place and reconnect the battery to the electric device to restore power.

    These crazy balls are really off the wall! Each Colorball has a unique ability. Use the bouncing, rolling, jumping, and floating balls to collect all of the stars. Help Doctor Acorn save the birds! Use your mouse to pull levers, flip switches, collect medicine, and get through each level safely. Place powerups in exactly the right place to guide the ball. Reach the flag before you run out of moves. Can you collect the stars along the way? An experiment went wrong and now you have to figure out how to feed the monster hamsters before time runs out. A dangerous forest stands between Snail Bob and his Grandpa's birthday party!

    You'll have to figure out how to get him there safely! When you cut the chain, how will the ball swing? Get the colored balls into their matching buckets But, you'll need to do some planning! The mammoths are stuck outside in the cold weather! Get them back to their huts so they can be with their family. Arrr, Matey! Tis the third in the great Snoring game series! Use the other animals to wake up that elephant and knock him over! Remove obstacles and use gravity to make blocks of the same color collide! Clear all of the colored blocks from each level.

    A great bridge building game that will really test your construction skills. Build a bridge so that the workers can gather cargo from the other side of the valley. Enter a mysterious vault where if you leave the room, you appear on the other side! Solve mind-bending puzzles and play with gravity if you want to escape alive. Knock down the towers of red, yellow, and green blocks. Earn stars and unlock new balls which are more powerful but cost more points. Robo needs to get to work, but everything is broken!

    Help Robo fix everything and reach the end of each level. Blosics is back! Fling balls at the towers of blocks to knock them down and reach the target score. Each shot costs points, so use the smallest ball you can. A sequel to Shrink It.

    Physicists Achieve Quantum Teleportation Across a Distance of 10 Miles - 80beats : 80beats

    Once again, you have to help the blue octagon escape. You'll need to make some things larger and some things smaller. Evil coyotes have kidnapped the kids from Sun Grande city! Help Amigo Coyote fly up the cliffs to the mountain fortress and rescue them! A very cool drawing game where you draw shapes onto the screen to get the red ball to roll into the flag.

    Make the clover happy by giving it water and sunshine. Collect all the stars and watch out for clouds and other obstacles! The pigs have invaded Doctor Acorn's treehouse! Cut ropes, launch catapults, disarm traps and make your way to the top of the tree. Knock the rotten red blocks off the screen, but make sure that the orange blocks stay on. Can you collect all the stars along the way? Help the good daddy get his son to school by using changing shapes to create a safe path. Collect all the stars too!

    Your goal is to wake up the elephant and knock him off. You'll use the other animals to do this and each animal has a different function. The orange is back with more extra hard levels!