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'Lives of living death': The reproductive lives of slave women in the cane world Seasonal variations and age-related changes in human sperm count, motility.

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New citations to this author. New articles related to this author's research. Email address for updates. My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Sign in. Associate Professor, Mount Allison University. Articles Cited by. The journal of sexual medicine 5 9 , , The journal of sexual medicine 10 10 , , Women DO have high sex drives! Men that have inferiority complexes just don't want to admit it and are afraid to do so!

They can easily have sex 50x's a day, no problem! Men cannot as they do not have they stamina! That is why you hear often of the ole geezer having a coronary no doubt to do round 2 or 3 with the help of Mr. Blue pill with the young blond bimbo he picked up, thinking it would help recaputre his youth but alas it fails as he realizes too late he's lost that "loving feeling" because you can never really go back in time but we stupid humans will never learn that, so he collapses on Blondie with the fake bazookas and he Croak's.

But hey, at least he has a stiffy! You need help from erection pills and you have to force yourself on women and think that's OK to do so when it's NOT! Sick and wrong! As for prostitute's. You again show how uneducated and Ill informed you are. That really age old profession started as the only way that women could really earn money that men were willing and sadly very eager to pay, and still to this day.

See a Problem?

But men would and still do find a way to steal back, rip them off, or your favorite pastime activity: rape them and seriously hurt them, disfigure them to where they could no longer work, or kill them, but in the end if they were raped they were not paid. A lot of these John's also are into the Sex Trade and Human Trafficking and they are responsible for kidnapping a lot of young schoolage girls, they can be as young as yrs old walking home from school or runaways in rural neighborhoods from any small-town city to big town.

No place or no one is immune. A John will rape them to break them in and several may be shipped off overseas. There it is, your favorite pastime, rape, shows up again! And there ARE male jigilos. Did you forget about those? They are more popular overseas than here, but again as your sexist and picking on women and demeaning them your dismissing the male figures and references completely!

As for swingers clubs, your partially misinformed. I had a co-worker at my last job, she and her spouse would go to one from time to time. She was also a former classmate of mine. She tried to talk me into going. But they were an attractive couple. I admit I was curious, but not "that" curious!

I didn't have the stomach for that! But they were all into that! One time after work I went to her house and she showed me some photos. All I can say is OMG! Not one flabby thight, no flabby boobs, no beer belly's, no excess fat or flab! A lot of very attractive people and some very well hung men!!

Very tempting, but also intimidating!

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The women all had nice perportions. I asked her if she went to the playboy club!! I never mentioned it to my husband as I just pushed it out of my mind. I just cannot imagine myself out on display. Really I can't. Just can't do the exhibition thing. But the idea of extra sex is a turn on. This 2x a week is not enough! All I hear is "I'm tired" He doesn't get that from me! But not ALL swingers clubs are alike!

Some have very specific guidelines. Your analagy of the male and female libedo as food and air: are you still in grade school or what? Women get as horny if not hornier as men! We need it too! Your saying men need it more than women is just a bunch of BS! If I have to go more than 2 days I go stark raving nuts! My skin starts crawling and my underwear starts rubbing my sensitive area and just drives me insane by day 2! My nipples become much more sensitive and easily aroused at the slightest touch! Heck, putting on a bra or even my nightshirt at night with no bra and brushing across the sensitive buds is excruciating and if I walk around the house later at night in front of my husband he's blind NOT to notice the 2 protrusions sticking out in front of my flimsy top.

But most oftentimes he will overt his glaze and avoid looking but when HE'S in the mood that's the 1st place he zeros in on during foreplay, only 2x a week if I'm lucky on HIS terms! Otherwise I have to take care of myself often the other days, multiple times, if you know what I mean which isn't nearly as good. Your just a sore loser because it's apparent you obviously cannot score any really good quality women. Did I miss anything?

You will have to come up with something better than this and not go back in the gutter and grunt in the mud with the swine to swing mud and bash women and show your a woman hater and promote rape and advocate violence and the force of rape, violation of rape on women against their will! Appalling, disgusting, degrading and despicable acts of crime against women! Saying because men are stronger and can force themselves on women to have their way and women should just "lay there and take it because that's what they want and that's what they are there for" is the most disgusting and appalling thing I've read written by a man online today!!

Here in I thought we would have progressed and men would think better of women and treated them better! They are treated far worse! Just objectified! Yet you pigs of men want to have MORE sex with as many as possible! You just don't care HOW it's done! And you don't care about the outcome! And for those who choose to cheat on their wives and do not disclose it, I hope she finds out and pays you back in kind so you know how it feels because men HATE it when their significant other cheats on them in retaliation! It just eats them up inside with jealousy!

It may be reverse for the wife if the husband finds a more attractive match than herself.

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But the wife may fall head over heels in love with a guy and leave her husband for good in an "open marriage". So in that concept, does a man who supposedly " love" his wife want to risk losing his marriage and losing his wife just so he can screw random chicks? And he has to then be willing to let her be able to screw random dudes in return and not restrict her in any way!

The possesive green eyed monster would be pretty hard to contain and hard to keep a marriage intact ad divorce at bay.

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With that being said, if you wanted to continue to screw random chicks whenever and wherever you wanted and didn't want to answer to anyone at all, just why in the hell did you get married after all? That I'd like to know? You should type a LOT more next time. The comment section on Psych Today is a great place to post everything from your novellas to recipies for ketchup and cigarette butt casserole!

Shea, the question is not whether it's true for you or your friends - it should be true as the article says women have a similar, but lower, bias. You just son't know and dan't understand how much "more true" this is for males, it's your feeling x, that's all. Say you and your friends each have 1 dollar, while men have You read an article that says people have money and this tends to apply more to men.

Oh my word, you have just mansplained to Shea. Not only that, you have complained that she doesn't know what it's like for men, while telling her what it's like for women. If you're not a woman, then accept you don't know what it's like for women. Even if a male psychologist tells you what it's like for women. He doesn't know either. Men may have more difficulty not due to biology, as you seemed to imply, but by social conditioning.

It's more acceptable for a man to believe he needs sex outside of marriage. Not so for a woman. Men and woman may experience the same level of need for novelty but it may just be that the man feels more entitled to it, so he finds it more difficult. There has also been some research that has shown that men seem to be more conscious of their own needs overall be it sex, hunger or something else and think about them more often, while women are socialised from a young age to be more concerned about other people's needs.

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These problems may be less prominent with women also for the reason that they're concentrating on making the sex life of their partner good rather than making themselves feel satisfied. One good example of this thinking is the paradoxical situation of women who feel pressure from their partner to orgasm, to prove that their partner is good in bed, and stress so much about it that they can't get to feel the pleasure that would actually make them come. It's also possible that when they find themselves dissatisfied, they look for the problem in themselves rather than their partner.

Especially if they're not used to thinking about their own sexual needs and tastes, like many women, it can be easy to identify the source of dissatisfaction wrongly. As I really found Sex at Dawn a progressive, good read, I'm slightly disappointed that the article seemed to accentuate that this is especially a manly need. I understand that the findings on female sexuality are a bit more confused, largely due to the societal differences in gender roles, but the whole "he-his-man-men"-angle may make the women who are considering whether their wish for novelty is a real need feel somewhat invalidated.

Many women with these feelings think they are somehow wrong or broken, so emphasising how it's mostly a male thing may make them feel worse about it. Loce how these people cone and say hey maybe it's social conditioning Dude have you read the research? Think the rats were alao socially conditioned? More likely, specimens like Julie appear socially conditioned, complaining from lack of sex but are you good looking honey? Doesn't research actually show that it's WOMEN whose libidos go down about 7 years after marriage, whereas men's stays relatively constant?

The statistics mentioned here only tells that males report it more often. And that's all. On a personal level this still can be anything: even if the average height for males is cm and women cm, you can be very tall or short. The average does not mean anything for a person. They can legitly be anything. You can't say even that men will be taller than women: what if a female basketball player falls in love with an average guy? So I say that stating "more difficult" does not mean anything; for some it will be more difficult; for others, it will be easy.

The important thing is that you will be prepared for this to happen; you won't be surprised when the things go as average.

Dawn's Awakening

So you can think of solutions before judging the other person. Thank You Doc.. Plus when we had sex It put pressure as to how often , how long, etc; which lead to tension if we only had sex "X" amount of times, someone would start to feel hurt or think something was wrong.. Congratulations, Shea! For being honest with yourself in a world where monogamy seems the only legitimate option. Open relationships are more common than you think, and there is a growing community of people who want to love freely and responsibly. There are general principles and ethics that help make the idea truly functional, and of course brand new challenges that aren't for everyone.

Styles vary from open marriages to more complex arrangements that depend on the individual needs of those involved. For more info and support, check out Deborah Anapol's brand new blog on this website Psychology Today Love Without Limits , or look for polyamory groups in your area to meet like minded people and get answers to your questions.

I have found in my experience that you're right: it's definitely not just for men. In fact, almost all polyamory organizing and authorship that I'm familiar with is driven almost exclusively by women. A thought about why polyamory groups may be organized by mostly women: Maybe women are less willing to just "cheat" i. Women who take their desire seriously could be more motivated to create an internally-sanctioned environment through which to proceed. This could be motivated by a combination of anxiety about "breaking the rules" which seem to be stricter for women without any replacement rules, and by a belief in the principle of what they are doing.

Also, men could be deterred from taking the helm of such a group because they are more likely to be labeled "skeevy. A little context for my situation: I am young. But I have been through one 5-year relationship, in which the passion totally died. And now I am a year into my second serious relationship.

Human beings are evolved for sex lives full of novelty.

I had some fun fooling around between the two. Plenty of people in my young, arty circle engage in friendly, casual sex--but not "officially" when they are in relationships. I am going to guess that most people in polyamory groups are not close to my age? I would be much more comfortable with the idea if my cohorts were my peers, and people whom I relate to on more than just one level. What Shea said before about imbalance and jealousy, how can someone have more than one partner and the other partner be ok with it.

Or rather, not feel jealous? Within a long term relationship, just how long are we talking here? I know that there is a reason for everything we do, but. Are we not made to love just one person? I feel like crying. I'm almost twenty, so this is really big for me. I'm so sorry this trash article makes you think there's no one who can be faithful. I'd like to suggest to you a book my mother had me read at your age Get it as quickly as you can Many of those types have been demonstrated here. Surround yourself with people who feel the same as you. Strong mind strong heart! BUT-- keep in mind that some of those "fairy tales" we grew up with put a lot of pressure on guys.

You probably won't find the "Prince Charming" in those fairy tales but you can come damn close. The truth is simply this: love and sex are not the same thing. That a partner would be attracted to someone else says nothing about their love for you. Our bodies are designed to be aroused by other bodies, whether they belong to the one we love or not. It's called physical chemistry, and you've felt it before, too.

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It's involuntary. Do you mean someone who doesn't put his penis in any other person's orifice? Or do you mean someone who is unattracted to anyone but you? Because the latter is simply not true. Men AND women will always be attracted to people other than their partner. Remaining physically monogamous is a choice a couple will make together, but ultimately, it doesn't make any difference to me.

It seems an oddly limiting thing to do to one another. My husband and I have been consensually, responsibly non-monogamous since Very happily so. We've been technically monogamous again, very happily so for the past decade because, frankly, we suck at cultivating a social life. Our philosophy, however, has remained the same. To clear up a myth, our relationship is NOT broken or flawed. I have no words for the way I feel about my husband, nothing that would come close to describing how much I love him. What we have is deep emotional intimacy, and a marriage based on honesty, trust, respect, and unconditional love.

I do not intend to arouse sympathetic emotions on our behalf. Instead of again trying to arouse French interest, he decided to make the next experiment at home. The sight of the pigs turning in disgust from the rotten ears seemed to arouse Boldwood, and he one evening sent for Oak. Related: Aroused ; arousing. Nearby words around the bend , around the corner , around the world in eighty days , around-the-clock , arousal , arouse , arp , arp, jean , arpa , arpad , arpanet. Can be confused arose arouse.