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'Lives of living death': The reproductive lives of slave women in the cane world Seasonal variations and age-related changes in human sperm count, motility.

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Being a black female and growing up in the 's where black people had way more to deal with than mental health conditions, mental health was never really discussed. There are so many reasons why this is that I could probably write a book on them. Relentless stigma accompanies mental health conditions. But there is no shame in having a mental health condition. The true shame is not getting the treatment you need to have a good life.

African-Americans need to know: A mental health condition is no different than a physical one. Our brains are the most important organ in our bodies and can get sick just like our hearts, lungs and livers. Not only that, you can recover from a mental health condition and lead a healthy life. Further, African-Americans are not immune from mental health conditions, and 5. I was going on 35 years old, with no clue that I had clinical depression.

To be honest, I believe that number is higher. It was neither. As bad as that day was, it was the beginning of me becoming educated about mental health —which was important not just for me, but for my culture and society as a whole. According to a recent Gallup survey , African-Americans are the most religious culture in the United States.

Our deep-rooted religious beliefs go all the way back to slavery, when religion was the one solid foundation we had during those times. Back then, people battling a mental health condition were simply locked up, wandered the streets or even put to death. Give it to God. We have to get help. And I am living proof of that. After receiving treatment, I am living proof that as an African-American female, you can have a mental health condition and thrive! Join me in stomping out stigma in all cultures! Fonda Bryant is very active in the community bringing awareness to mental health.

She speaks to the rookie classes of CMPD, and is vocal about mental health, whether on television, in the newspaper or radio, her passion for mental health knows no boundaries. Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display Skip to content. Share NAMI. Post Archive July Balancing Expectations with Mental Health. Responding to Bipolar Psychotic Symptoms. Jerry I have had depression my entire adult life.

Can God Cure Cancer? YES…Give Him A Chance!

I could never understand why or what my mind was experiencing all these years. While serving 20 years in the military one of the psychiatrists I saw put me on an SSRI for depression. It did seem to help me. I still have periodic bouts of depression and have tried 3 SSRI's to date. As a Christian I want to encourage everyone here who is a Christian.

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We have all gone through the "Why won't God heal me? I have prayed and searched the Scriptures exhaustively for years. Though I suffer in the flesh my joy will never leave me. This is what I hold in my heart AND mind to help carry me through my remaining time here: I know that since the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden the world and all created things have been subjected to the curse from the Creator.

No created thing, including humanity, are exempt from the consequences of Adam's sin. If we are in Christ we are promised an eternity with our Creator in absolute eternal happiness and bliss the mind cannot even comprehend. God Almighty will wipe away every tear from our eyes with no more death, pain, suffering or mental illness!

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For we have been created for this and this alone: "To glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Then I will never again suffer mentally on this earth, but will eternally gaze upon the Triune God and serve Him and love Him as He loves me along with all the angels and saints!!!

Emma I thank God for this blog. The Lord has brought me from a mighty long way. On my job years ago,I was highly fuctional. At home, there no life skills exhibited. Couldn't keep up with bills to be paid and had issues with money Thank God for Jesus. Most of my issues started in early childhood up until now. Prayer does help, also Bible Study and reading other people's stories or testimonies. Barbara Thank you all for your comments. Due to mental illness, my life has been ruined. I am now 65 and know there will be no healing.

I have prayed and prayed and now must accept that this will never end on this earth. It is helpful to know I am not alone. Lenore Rutti We need both the church and the medical community! We have to work together. I have taken all kinds of prescription medications and nothing seems to work. I am at a point in my life where nothing matters anymore. I have no Joy , no Peace , nothing. Life is challenging to me on a daily basis. Why do I have this horrible disease that no one seems to know how to fix?

I pray and I ask God why. I know we should never question God. But I don't know where or what to do anymore. I just want help. Is that too much to ask? You are in good company. When the world shuns you, you are closer to God than any pasted or religious person. The depictions of our subjects Jesus, Abraham, Moses and Paul indicate that they may have either found their own experiences not entirely believable to themselves, understood that their experiences would be hard for others to believe, or that they were perceived by their contemporaries as being mad.

These events are closest in time to our subjects and might suggest psychotic type thought processes. Those who deviate excessively from the societal norms do not relate to the populace, are not understood, become socially isolated and stigmatized, and may be identified as not sane. I love how your were transparent in sharing your own story. This blog is informative, inspiring, education. You did justice on mental illness issues, help take away the stigma surrounding it.

I don't know no one who's not touched in some way on this subject. If we don't talk about it we'll never find healing. I believe God used you to enlighten us. Thank so much! Georgie Beaver Thank you Fonda for your comments. I am a long-term sufferer with mental illness in the form of OCD and depression. It gets worse as I grow older. I have prayed to God many times to please heal me but so far, I have not experienced healing. It is hard to understand God's ways when you have mental illness that is on-going.

I hang on to the scriptures in Revelation chapter 21 - God promises to wipe away all of our tears and there will be no more sorrow or crying or pain. That includes no more mental illness. RG I read information that stated the medical field needs to stop trying to do the churches job and the church needs to stop trying to do the doctors job. Instead of admitting limited or no knowledge and discomfort when approached about bipolar so many are quick to give out wrong or misleading hurtful responses.

The church and the medical field need to find a way to bridge the gap of communication and information. We need to be open and honest with love and encouragement in the churches. There are many grey areas involved and not just black and white. I have experienced some of the same problems in and out of church. When the church is supposed to be a haven it is surprising to get a very cold shoulder from leadership.

Fortunately, I am continuing to educate myself and family on the realities of mental illness not the myths or perceptions. I really appreciated the insight provided in this particular blog.. Joe When I tried to meekly explain my schizo-affective and bipolar disorders to my minister - I felt immediately 'negatively judged' by my minister due to my mental illnesses. He even actually told me he thought I had "grieved the Holy Spirit.

I soon had suicidal thoughts and guilt thoughts. My mental illness began long before I was officially diagnosed, and becoming a Christian later on die not take the illness es away. Now I arrive for worship services late, take the Lord's supper and contribute, and then leave early to avoid the ministers' 'cold greetings. Regards P. Melodye Ray I wish every pastor in America would read and understand this essay.

So much neefleas suffering could be avoided. Louis I'm not saying it was the sole purpose of the article, but this is creating a divide between Christians and non-Christians as illustrated in the comments. As a Christian, I can tell you that we aren't taught to ignore medical doctors or psychologists.

However, we rely on God to completely heal us by any means necessary. He is our healer. That can take place by way of a miracle, through medical advancements, and solid counseling. Healing can come in any way. Cherish All I know is I didn't have any mental illness until I prayed to someone and got an answer. That can cause your mind to play tricks on you.

And for someone who really relys on those hallucinations and delusions as a way to live your life then you are suffering from the way of the world religious sickness and it can cause psychotic behavior and schizophrenia. Check yourself before you wreck yourself because its not of reality. Lizanne Corbit Thank you for this beautiful read.

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I think this is such an important conversation to be having. This kind of thought process is not an isolated one, and unfortunately, it can be very damaging. It can also lead to the thought pattern of thinking something is inherently wrong and needs to be solved or fixed. Mental health conditions should not be seen as problems to be fixed, and certainly not prayed away, but this thinking is out there and conversations like these can help to shed light, awareness, and understanding.

Sharon Amen to everything you said sister! Religion and religious people see mental illness as a spiritual thing. For so long I went untreated and traumatized because I thought all I had to do was pray or fast or renew my mind with scripture. I believe God heals everyone in different ways and if you can be healed of a mental illness miraculously then kudos to you! But the majority of people I know are allowing God to heal them through treatment, meds, doctors, and self-care.

I suffered in silence as a teenager. I wasn't diagnosed until I was After I got on meds, learned coping skills, and started practicing self-care and compassion towards myself I am finally living. The Bad News: The answers you are looking for cannot be found in books, seminars, courses or even through extended therapy.

The Good News: The answers can only be found right within yourself. Other people may act as your mirror, helping you to gain access to your own thoughts, feelings, attitudes, emotions and beliefs. My path has been a long and uphill struggle to let go of my own past misunderstandings and finally begin to embrace the truth about life, love and relationships. Through my work with thousands of individuals and couples , with concerns and issues probably very similar to yours, I have discovered the fastest path to letting go and letting love enter your life.

Then it becomes easy to choose people you can naturally love and accept, appreciate and enjoy for all the ways that they contribute to your life and you are able to contribute to theirs. The Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Relationship System reminds you about who your are, your own unique intelligence,attractiveness, sensual appeal, and creative expression. You reconnect with the love inside for yourself and for others. The books and videos and audios guide you to reflect upon your life as it is now, as it has been in the past, and how it will be in the future — because you are creating your future.

You are about to create a new and unbreakable love map, to guide your love journey for the rest of your life. In a very clear, concise and organized manner we are able to take the plunge and see the endless possibilities life has to offer — if only we are willing to do a little reflection and soul work. You will have to look deep into your own consciousness — your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, memories and dreams — to find the love, the fullest love, that you can bring into your life.

And you will be reminded, over and over, to bring that love back to your own self so that you can fully share your loving self with others. In healing, you discover your own truth , face your inner spirit, and you begin to know your connection to a higher source. Being sexual is being alive. By opening up all of our senses and allowing our own unique sexual expression to be expressed, we cannot help but discover our spiritual nature. I can trust God but…what should I think. Will my prayer help or hinder? Does it always help? I pray and pray and pray and will pray and pray.

I think it goes back to Bertrand Russel who noted among all the crutches and canes at healing sites there was not to be found a glass eye or artificial limb. I am asking a legitimate question out of my faith and hope, not belief. There is a difference between faith and belief. I am not one for statements of beliefs and creeds as they seem to me to extinguish the spirit in me. I am more than willing to open myself to the Mystery that is God and knowing God through Jesus, but a creed for me is not the basis of my faith and hope.

But I do think that God wants us to ask questions and long for answers, which is why I ask. He is also expecting me to know, so he could answer. As usual, you raise some good questions, Matteo! Let me know what you think! I had breast cancer, God healed me. Then I got stage 3 colon cancer and again, God healed me! I believe in the power of prayer, and the goodness of the angels God sent to minister to me during a tough time. Mary Grace, that is a miracle.

Why can Jesus cure a blind man, but not blindness? Please pray for my gma. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer a rare ductal variiety which has metastasized to a rib and have started hormone therapy which has unpleasant side effects and is said to be Incurable. I am looking for prayers for the cancer to stop and go into remission and surprise the doctors by turning to Jesus in the face of medical inadequacy and lack of hope. Be assured that you will have many people praying for you! Hang in there and please keep in touch. Please pray with me for my brother who has bladder infections that has made him a stark shadow of his normal self.

He fainted last Saturday and has been on admission at a clinic since then. I believe in Jesus.

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My mother has a stage4 cancer. My heart multiplies its grief when I see her in pain, but I will never lose hope. In He alone I will trust. Your prayer is very much appreciated. God bless us. Please pray for my dad James Wiiliamson who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. I know that God can heal, please stand in agreement with me that God will heal him and give him a testimony that will bring the lost to him and use him to glorify him.

God Bless! Cindy Allen. Fortunately, the Tarceva drug extended her life for 2 years. But now that the Tarceva has lost its effectiveness, her health is deteriorating. Would you please say a prayer, too? Thank you, and God bless you. I ask for prayers and positive energy for my mother who has two young children and has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Please spread the world to your churches and friends to help heal Sylvia. She has been a fighter and has won her battle to breast cancer and now was dealt this difficult challenge. My mother is a very strong woman and I believe with hope and prayer my mom can beat this cancer as well. Lets all pray for those suffering from cancer. Please keep Sylvia in your prayers. I need my mom in my life! Thank you all in advanced. Thank you all in advanced Nicole. I have been suffering from aches and soreness from my mouth down to my stomach for months now without relief.

Doctors have experimented with medication without success. I need divine help. Please pray for me. The only thing to fear is fear it self. If God rose people from death can not cure someone from cancer? To God nothing is imppossible the only thing to do is to keep faith in him and going praying. I am praying for all of you. Please pray for my husband Gerry. God already spoke to me he was healed before he was even diagnosed. I am standing on that promise. We are proclaiming by faith my husband Gerry is healed in Jesus precious name his word says you have not because you ask not.

I pray Jesus for all these people suffering with this affliction that you will heal them. I ask you the Son Jesus who will go to the Father God and it will bring glory to your precious name and thank you that it is done already. May many people come to you Christ through these miracles that I believe you still are performing today and all it takes is a mustard seed of faith. Glory be to God.

Thank you for your article. I believe and I do have strong faith. Sometimes it feels that we walk alone… Our beautiful best friends infant who was only 4 weeks old was diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumor. We are all faithful Catholics and we all believe. We have thousands of people praying for Baby Cecilia but the harder we prayer the worse she seems to get. She is so tiny and frail. How are you born with this?

So hard to understand.

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It is as if we are in a battle with evil. Please, please pray for baby Cecilia. Thank you and God bless you. My faith is strong. My father has liver cancer and his tumor is in a tough to reach area. My father is still standing strong in his faith but just scared. Please pray for my father.

I pray that my fathers liver is healed and no more cancer. I felt its necessary i let others who are suffering from this acute disease that once you have a good hemp oil it can really give one a sound second chance of living. I am dealing with cancer and would ask for prayers. I am waiting for test results to see how this is progressing hopefully not. My prayer warriors are praying but I would ask for other to pray also. Thank God for his healing power through His Son.

Please pray for my sister Erica who has stage 4 cancer. I have faith god heals and need your prayers. I am not a very open person and i am ashamed to ket people know i had cancer. But i know prayers work. I have breast cancer and I believe GOD can totally heal this. My sister Rajya Lakshmi devi is suffering from stage 4 cancer. He will not leave us. Please pray that my mom will be healed of cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes.

Also that she will be healed in her soul from all the pain of her past and able to be free of the strongholds in her life. My sister is suffering from Blood cancer since 2 years doctors could not detect it. As nothing is impossible to the Lord. I have had a mastectomy on my left breast. When they did the pathology the report said my breast was cancer free. Initially I had a lumpectomy that removed two tumors. I am on tranquilizers as I suffer debilitating anxiety and fear. God has spoken to me in one dream and in other ways.

I am starting to ask for His complete healing of cancer in case there are stray cells in my body. Genetic testing of my cancer decided that I would not benefit very well from infusion chemotherapy. I pray that God removes any and all possible remaining cancer from me. I ask the Holy Spirits intervention in my life and I ask others can pray for me. Gods Will be done. Dear friends, my girlfriend of 3 years who means more to me than life, found out a few months ago she had pancreatic cancer and its spots that moved quickly to other parts of her organs and to her brain.

She was in a coma over night. She has a precious little 8 year old girl and momma is her whole life! The doctors sent her home to die. I need her, her family needs her and most of all her little girl needs her. Please everybody pray!! I know we can do it together with god on our side! GOD is on our side!! God will always be there for us. God will cure me. I have been diagnosed with Luekemia ALL. And god will cure me. I can feel his strength and his presence. And he will save me. I am a blind Christian woman who was diagnosed with stage 2 high risk bladder cancer in November Went through three months of chemotherapy and most recently had a CT scan done.

The tumor has shrunk quiet significantly and the cystoscopy I just had done yesterday June 5 confirmed that, Praise God!! The doctor did inform me though, according to medical science that I am not cancer free. Those words are of satan and not God. In the name of Jesus Christ I claim cancer free!!! Please pray for continued healing of this temple.

I am to call my doctor with my decision of the three options he has given me. To continue to be monitored, 2. To have the remaining tumor surgically scraped off or 3.

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To have my bladder surgically removed. God has led me to go with option 1. Hello, my aunt has leukemia and she was treated with stem cells and then it relapsed. Please pray for her. I would like to ask for prayers for my mom who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

I believe that God can provide healing for her and that she has many, many years left her on earth. Please I beg for your prayers!! Please help me pray for my father is has terminal cancer I know God can still cure him I believe. I have severe bleeding and clots. I had ultrasound and pap smear which came normal but the pain below the pelvis is still bad. I amd relying on God for help with this. Auntie Alice was recently diagnosed stomach cancer. After one time of chemo on 1 October, she felt very sick and was sent to the ICU yesterday and doctor said she got fragments of blood clod in her brain and asked if she wanted life support system to extend her life.

Pray for God to heal them. Thank you very much. Please pray for my healing I have pain throughout my body an an enlarged liver and also cysts and kidney stones. I also have arthritis. My grandma has got some cancer in stomach from womb so please help my grand ma to pray to gof… God should heal my grandma cancer in jesus name…. Please pray for me, i was diagnosed with 1b ovarian cancer in dec , after surgeries and chemo , last week usg found 2 cysts in my liver. Infront of God cancer is nothing. With God everything is possible.

Please please pray for my brother in law. My brother was diagnosed with High-grade pleomorphic sarcoma in March. He is fighting for his life. I know that with continued prayers and reaching out to all he will be cured. God is good……. I am asking and believe that my prayer will be answered. God bless everyone and thank you for your prayers. I am diagnosed with a very rare tipe of cancer, stage four. Spread out to the liver and limph nodes. Many people are pre praying for me.

I am praying days and nights. Strongly believe God heals. Pray for me. God bless you! Dealing with Stage 4 breast cancer. I believe God is doing a miracle. Please pray that I keep strong in my faith and hope because at times I get weak and scared. Thank you. Please pray for my mom with stage four colon cancer with mets to the liver. I am 17 and the youngest out of five kids who all need my mom.

Please all pray and claim my moms life given to her in Jesus name pray for her to receive a miracle. I was diagnosed with lukemia in Oct After that I started praying to God for my healing and my test in Nov and Dec were good as I was responding well to treatment. Thank God for my healing. My next check up is on 20th Jan. I know Jesus will heal me. I am sending prayers of comfort and healing to all who are fellow cancer warriors…. I am starting treatment for colon and ovarian cancer but have pure faith that our Dear Lord will heal and cure me….

I have surrendered it all to our Lord and trust that He will carry me through this in His kindness and mercy. Please look up the Novena of Surrender for hope and comfort. I am asking for prayers and if you know of any prayer chains I might join, please let me know. May God Bless and I look forward to sharing good news soon. Please pray for me, I have lung cancer. I have been doing many novenas Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. In faith, I believe God will heal me.

I need all your prayers. I will have surgery soon. Please pray for my son he have brain cancer Dr dine gave up on him but by the grace of god my son is still here he have progress in many ways due to his illness god is good. My next comment in this page will be a great testimonies.

I have trusted him for so many miracle and it has come to pass, believe he owns me and can take away every strange growth which he did not plan in me. I always use the authority he gave us to speak to the growth to disappear or become normal in the name of Jesus and believe you me they are almost gone.

My next comment i wll tell you how they are completely gone and give way for pregnancy to enter. Eunice I have the same problem and I believe God for a miracle too. I believe God for my miracle baby despite the tumors all over my body. Please pray for my Mother that was just diagnosed with cancer!

I believe she will be cured with prayer! I thank all that prays for her and appreciate all efforts! I had 7 surgeries on my liver. I still have tumor on it. May the Lord Bless you as you pray Amen Djiba. I have chronic peptic Ulcers which is refusing to get heal for two years now trying all the medication but still on pain as i speak please brothers and sister pray for me so that i get heal in Jesus holy name he is my only hope for now and i trust in him i will be heal amen.

Please pray for my mother who was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage iv.. I see people healed on a regular basis of all sorts of problems. Your mom can be healed. Just let me know. We can skype or if you live in the Southeast we can meet up or I can find someone nearby perhaps. Can you please pray for as well i hace tumors large and cancer in right breast i am in rhe southeast in ft lauderdale. Your article encouraged me a lot! But, now I am putting my full trust in him and his will. If you could it would mean so much to me if you could pray for my mom. She has survived thyroid cancer but a recent scan showed two new spots of it in her lungs.

I am 14, my brother is 12, and my sister is 9. I want her to live to see us married and her grandchildren. She works so hard and does everything for us. She does not deserve this. Almost 5 years ago I was told my stage 4 prostate cancer would kill me in 6 months if I did not treat it with radiation and hormone treatments. The doctors scheduled it and I paid my funeral expenses and picked out a casket.

He says in Matt , Whatsoever ye ask in prayer in my name, believing, tho shall receive. The Lord told me he would carry my burden so with my wife we went back and cancelled all treatments. Doctors told me I was crazy as I told them the Lord said he would heal me. They said do come back to us so went to the Air Force doctors who were overloaded and sent me to the local doctors.

Today the AF doctors say my prostate cancer with a low PSA reading and side effects has all but disappeared. They see me now on a yearly basis to see how I am. Praise our Living Lord as he heals if it is His will.