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Is the wishing tree a tradition in your own family? MW: It's actually a Dutch tradition that I'd never heard of either before my research.

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But I loved the idea of starting off a life together with all these wishes from those you love. And then I thought how all marriages begin with wishes-- and then those wishes change over time. And what a picture that is of marriage. I had the theme and element I knew would make for a great story. Is this your love letter to social media? MW: It's my acknowledgement of how these sites have invaded our lives, for better or worse. They're a part of our culture and I felt they should be included. I originally had the idea of a husband who apologized to his wife via Twitter because she wouldn't talk to him and he was desperate to get to her.

I put myself in that situation and knew that-- if it were me-- just knowing he was talking about me would compel me to peek, no matter how stalwart I was about my anger. That tension between wanting to know what he's saying and wanting to keep her distance, creates a dilemma for Ivy in the book. Of course, it's not her only one! JB: Have you ever gotten to reconnect with someone through social media? MW: Facebook has put me in touch with many people from my past.

It's been so fun! I was actually able to hear from the girl who took me to Sunset Beach, North Carolina, the first time. Without her I'd never know about this special place where 3 of my books are set. So it was so wonderful to be able to thank her. MW: The wishing tree is a symbol of their marriage. Where do we hang our wishes? Is it right to hang our wishes on another human being? Can they withstand the weight of those wishes?

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And what happens if they can't? The story that ensues is an examination of that. JB: You choose not to show the reader the conversation between Ivy and Elliott near the end of the book, the talk in which they got back together. Why not feature it within the narrative? MW: That conversation was so raw and personal and intimate I felt it was almost like a sex scene. Better to say it was happening, then leave the details up to the imagination.

To try to hash it out line by line somehow cheapened the scene. MW: Pretty similar except there were some character issues-- motives, history, resolution-- that had to be resolved. JB: What was the most difficult thing about writing this novel? And did you learn anything new about yourself in the midst of writing and editing? MW: Dealing with Ivy's motives in pursuing Michael. It made me uncomfortable and I knew it would my reader as well. Also determining how the book should end. I didn't know for most of the book what would happen.

In some ways that was fun and in some ways unnerving! JB: What are some of your favorite books and who are some of your favorite authors? MW: Elizabeth Berg is probably my all-time favorite. I read all her work. She has a knack for noticing the little things that are actually poignant and preserving them in prose. You are Superwoman! How do you do it all? Marybeth Whalen MW: I do the best I can every day, working my priorities, which vary according to the day.

I try to be flexible and forgive myself when I fail, which is a lot. Somehow it all gets done. MW: Read. Hang out with my family. Watch movies or true crime shows. Now that it's summer, we spend a lot of the time at the pool. MW: The power of forgiveness-- forgiving others, forgiving yourself. Are you working on anything new? MW: I just finished my fifth novel which, Lord willing, will be out this time next summer. JB: Thanks, Marybeth, for a wonderful interview!

Good luck with the book.

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View 1 comment. Feb 26, Laura rated it really liked it. Ivy Marshall's life is unraveling. On the day her sister accepts a proposal on national TV is the same day Ivy finds out her husband cheated on her and loses her job. Disappointed in how her life has turned out, Ivy escapes to the past, where she was a girl in love who had hopes and dreams.

When her sister asks her to create the wishing tree, a family wedding tradition, Ivy must come to terms with the boy she left behind who is still in town and clearly not over Ivy and the husband who is dete Ivy Marshall's life is unraveling. When her sister asks her to create the wishing tree, a family wedding tradition, Ivy must come to terms with the boy she left behind who is still in town and clearly not over Ivy and the husband who is determined to win her back via Twitter.

I enjoy Mary Beth Whalen's books because while the plot moves slowly, the characters are vivid and perfectly flawed. Ivy reacts to her husband's one-time affair with raw emotion and anger. I enjoyed seeing her deal with her pain from the present and the past and grow as a character. My favorite character may have been the guy from Ivy's past, the one she broke up with to marry her husband. In fact, Ivy annoyed me when she flirted with him because he still had feelings for her and deserved better than a confused ex-girlfriend.

Cheating is a hot topic, and people debate back and forth whether a person should take back a cheating spouse. Whalen may take some heat for how the book ends, but I think the ending was a solid and satisfied conclusion. Fans of Christian fiction, especially those who enjoy real-life circumstances with a glimmer of hope, will love this book. I received this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts are my own. Oct 18, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: library-checkout , free-nook. Ivy Marshall's life is falling apart. Her father is closing the real estate office she runs, she just found out her husband cheated on her and her sister Shea is planning her dream wedding.

Ivy left behind her family 5 years earlier to marry Elliot, and is using the excuse of going home to help with her sister's wedding to escape from her husband's infidelity. Ivy is put in charge of the wishing tree, a family tradition for generations of weddings. Ivy selfishly tries to reconnect with the fianc Ivy Marshall's life is falling apart. She also wants to restore the closeness with her family that has been lost in her absence.

When Elliot sets up a Twitter account to apologize to Ivy, she begins to reflect on their courtship and what brought them together in the first place. Her Aunt Leah offers sage advice and a place of refuge at her bakery. Ivy grows considerably through the story, finding herself so she can renew her relationships and find strength in God and family.

Jul 05, Lisa B. My Thoughts This story has a lot going for it. The author did a great job of pulling this all together into a very lovely tale. A nice, uplifting and spiritual story.

The Sunset Beach Collection

Whalen and I definitely intend on checking out some of her other books. Publish date: June 4, Jun 23, Rissi rated it liked it Shelves: blog-tour , review. Rating : 3. Even inside a synopsis that I, as a reader cannot relate to, The Wishing Tree is — mostly, a "good" novel full of second chances and forgiveness.

Descriptive surroundings backdrop the characters, lending a pretty haven as their home, which in turn opens the door to Rating : 3. Descriptive surroundings backdrop the characters, lending a pretty haven as their home, which in turn opens the door to some great pose writing during walks along the beach. Particularly those on the Christian market.

But, should even that transgression be considered lightly? It was a missed opportunity, especially since the middle of the novel lagged in interest which I ascribe to a one-person perspective. Starting out, I really liked it. Feeling empty at the end of a book is not something any reader wishes for. Sincere thanks to Booksneeze for a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of reviewing it.

Jul 10, Sherrey rated it really liked it. If all of this is not enough, Ivy's mother calls request Ivy's help in planning her sister's wedding. Ivy isn't quite up to being a wedding planner, especially with her current marital status hanging i MY THOUGHTS: If ever a girl had a day when Murphy's Law kicked in, Ivy Marshall had it the day her father tells her he's closing the real estate office she's been managing, she learns her husband has cheated on her, and her sister's boyfriend promises his undying love to Ivy's sister on national TV.

Ivy isn't quite up to being a wedding planner, especially with her current marital status hanging in the balance and not to mention the history behind her own wedding. Yet a trip to her hometown is the perfect way to escape the detritus of a failing marriage. After all, things hadn't been going well for some time with her husband, Elliott, and learning that he's been cheating certainly seals the deal on their relationship.

After arriving in her hometown, Ivy doesn't plan on running into her former fiance, nor does she expect the warm and fuzzy feelings she has for him. Also unexpected is Elliott's sudden fascination with Twitter and announcing his apologies to Ivy to the world! What's a girl to do? Not much except patiently attempt to figure out who loves who and what her relationship is with the two men in her life. To find out what the wishing tree is, you'll have to read the book. I feel it might just give too much away.

Marybeth Whalen is a highly successful author, who writes well and masterfully develops believable characters. But I became somewhat irritated with Ivy as the book progressed because of her lack of empathy for those around her and especially for the man she married who is honestly trying to right a wrong.

OK, Elliott has cheated on her. We all make mistakes, and yes, this is a horrendous mistake on his part. However, the farther I got into the book I could almost see why this all happened.

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Elliott's efforts, via Twitter no less by a man who is not a social media guru, were incredibly supported by women and men of all ages. And yet Ivy won't give him a second chance. For those looking for good Christian fiction, this is the book for you. For fans of Marybeth Whelan, she has done it again! Jul 09, Kerri rated it liked it. This book was one of the featured summer reads listed on She Reads, which led me to choose to read it on my recent vacation to Bermuda.

The author, Marybeth Whalen is also the co-directior of She Reads. I downloaded it and a few others and off I went, thinking that with 4 days and 5 night, I was going to get in lots of reading! Instead, I spent more time having fun, swimming and sunning, relaxing and reconnecting with my husband. This was the only book I finished-and I read it all within a 24 ho This book was one of the featured summer reads listed on She Reads, which led me to choose to read it on my recent vacation to Bermuda.

This was the only book I finished-and I read it all within a 24 hour period. That being said, I think this is a great summer read. While there, she begins to question her choice to marry her husband Elliot, rather than her childhood sweetheart and jilted ex-fiance Michael. This story showed very well the seldom spoken of dark side of young marriage-that it requires a constant amount of attention and work or it will wither and die like a delicate plant. Actually, I think it requires work no matter how long you have been married hence the reading of only one book on vacation.

I thought this book was very well written. If you are looking for an easy summer read, I would definitely recommend this book. In ullum ludus evertitur nec. Solum mentitum quo et, no ancillae legendos mel. Quo verear neglegentur et. Novum utroque atomorum te eos. Epicuri ullamcorper necessitatibus ut cum, postea percipitur temporibus an sea.

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