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His domain of research includes magic, mythology and folk tales. Lecouteux has taught at the University of Caen , where he had the chair of Germanic languages and literatures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Fées, sorcières et loups-garous au Moyen Age : histoire du double

We recorded them all in a dossier. The audience? You, me, the other, everyone and anyone, the citizen, the human being. The announcements basically refer to massage courses: Japanese massage, ayurvedic massage, Lympho-Energy. We have brought together in this category the announcements for remedies and not for well-being as such. We have chosen the references to elixirs, to lithotherapy, to the rebalancing of meridians, to a rebalancing of energies, to the improvement of vital force and of sexuality. C Spirituality. D P sychotherapies. The ones that we did come across in our corpus sometimes establish a link between the body, psychological activity and a supra-empiric domain.

Sometimes, we find a reference to archangels or archetypes. In our sample, New Age is a field for resolution of personal problems. Gnosis is in reality more represented if one considers the basic references to non-recognized medicines as well as the references to psychotherapies and personal development are sometimes Gnostic.

In fact, our categories are based on the aim: well-beingness, healing illnesses, solving psychic problems take neither basic theoretical references, nor tools into account. Therefore, we also find elements of esotericism.

fées, elfes, sorcières, lutins, loups-garous, diablotins... par une nuit d' été, en Picardie

From a methodological point of view, one would have to have recourse to an analysis of the lexical content to distinguish the categories of vocabulary used in the announcements. In this case, the hypothesis of the primacy of Gnostic vocabulary may be formulated. We also see that certain New Age psychotherapies excluding those that are based on the analysis of the family novel make no reference to a scientific basis but that they do use a system of correspondences that may be considered as esoteric. The example of a psychological theory of the New Age [13] which is not in the sample proves this.

See table of correspondence in annex. All in all, everything amounts to no more than a bringing into connection of elements that take a symbolic value thanks to correspondences so as to create a virtual being connected to the cosmos. Healing would then be achieved by bringing the defective elements astral, vibrations , what we have called a mediation via contribution in the healing Churches.

One of the writers says he belongs to Martinism. If we limit ourselves to the announcements concerning spirituality and gnosis, we can compare their respective importance. We observe that there is no introductory course in the thinking of Gnostic writers. Is this the diluted esotericism that certain writers have recently tapped into in novels that have become best-sellers? In any case, we can make the same comment about psychotherapy and personal development courses.

They are focused on one aspect: family constellations, psychic wounds of childhood, but not in a general exploration of the past and the relationship with others as in the well-known systems of psychotherapy. From the point of view of spirituality, we have observed that the New Age seems to carry the mark of gnosis. It also includes marginal practices.

These are more like courses on contemplation which precisely aim at healing or at feeling inner harmony, i. It is an appropriation of beliefs corresponding to a personal quest for meanings or benefactions. Christians have always added all sorts of superstitions to their creed to keep misfortune at bay. They consult soothsayers, astrologers when they are subject to distress or mediums when the mourning of a kin is difficult to endure, and they do so even if their church, since the Council of Ancyra , has been wary about this type of practice.

Christians read astrology columns in the newspapers. This tree could even have been touched by an authentic holy person who, according to local legends that challenge the works of historians, might have come that way. The local priest and bishop may have no interest in it or may even be annoyed by it all.

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Facing these practices and beliefs, Christian Churches had to go into negotiation. Thus, it is useful to refer to a book by Claude Lecouteux [15]. The author calls to mind a strange idea like the transformation of human beings into werewolves. Claude Lecouteux relates as well the out-of-body experience with autoscopy that theologians have interpreted according to Church teachings. This way, some beliefs that were difficult to eradiate could survive as recovered heterodoxies.

And he goes on p. Certain things have been detected but there is so much left to unveil! Extrasensory perceptions could also be mentioned. The New Age makes the connections between the different aspects on its own, while in the case we have just been talking about these connections are made by theologians. Besides, the browsing of the New Ager is not necessarily incoherent.

Playing with a tradition or belonging to another tradition?

It can be governed by a vision or a rationality which is conscious or unconscious. New Agers do not take all the numerous and available offers. They make choices. They fulfill a quest within certain groups of people. An analysis of the individual journey based on thorough interviews would make it possible to understand its rationality. The incoherence of choices regarding practices and meanings may only be apparent, just like is apparent the journey of a patient who engages in all sorts of training for personal enhancement.

Regarding the question of incoherence and rationality, here is the example of a child who is asked to put some objects into some kind of order. He makes stacks of them, but these do not fit with the criteria of usefulness, color and size.

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This may look incoherent but the psychologist may find out that he ranked them according to his feelings toward them. Criteria chosen to class them may baffle the observer who does not know the mode of cognitive operation rationality of the child. There may also be a goal within a personal quest that expresses itself through nomadism in New Age movements. Some extend further the concept of toying and consider the movements of the New Age as toyings, even toyings with the tradition the traditions would be a more adequate depiction if these authors refer to the main denominations.

Are the quoted movements toying with a tradition? It indicates the execution of a great number of jobs with "very small means", done without resorting to a project that an engineer would operationalize [17]. But we saw it: the religious groups concerned in this article are Gnostic. The Gnosticism can appear at various degrees.

The International Conference - Playing with a tradition or belonging to another tradition?

One can retain only certain elements. The essence is it includes the guiding principles without being mixed up with Christianity. When it pretends to be Christic, it is Gnostic Christian which is not a toying but a form of Christianity abandoned at the time of the first council of Nicea. When it draws upon Buddhism and Hinduism, it borrows elements that theosophy or Gnostic people have included in their writings. In addition, with regard to comparison, may we say that the orthodox believer who does not look elsewhere is an engineer of faith unlike the New Age handyman?