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In the early s, he had an affair with actress Sylvia Kristel , who was 23 years younger, with whom he had a son, Arthur, in The relationship ended in , when she left him for actor Ian McShane. He was a "contrarian", of "anarchist spirit". Hugo Claus was considered to be one of the most important contemporary Belgian authors.

He also used the pseudonyms Jan Hyoens and Thea Streiner. Most prolific in literary endeavors as a dramatist, Claus wrote 35 original pieces and 31 translations from English, Greek, Latin, French and Spanish plays and novels.

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His dramatic sketch Masscheroen was first staged at Knokke Casino and featured an all-nude cast: three naked men were given the task of portraying the Christian Holy Trinity of God the father , God the son , and the Holy Spirit ; the work also made light of the Holy Virgin , a Belgian saint , and the Three Wise Men.

Claus also wrote the script of a satirical comic strip, "De Avonturen van Belgman" "The Adventures of Belgian Man" in , which spoofed the Belgian bi-lingual troubles.

Hugo Claus' name had been put forward many times for the Nobel Prize in literature , on which he would casually comment "this prize money would suit me fine". As a painter, Claus was a participant in the CoBrA art movement from He had developed friendships with some of its members, and illustrated a book by Pierre Alechinsky in Claus directed seven films between and Claus suffered from Alzheimer's disease and requested his life to be terminated through euthanasia , a legal procedure in Belgium, at the Middelheim Hospital in Antwerp on 19 March Bert Anciaux , then Flemish Minister of Culture, [19] stated "I knew him well enough to know that he wanted to depart with pride and dignity.

Claus wrote over a thousand pages of poetry, more than sixty plays, over twenty novels and several essays, film scripts , libretti and translations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Belgian author.

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    Even Now: Poems by Hugo Claus

    La Croix. The title sequence is taken from Alibi , a book Claus published in the middle of his career. It begins with an explanation:. The four-lined stanzas are based on a selection from the Sanksrit poem the Chaurapanchasika. And with Eros comes Thanatos. With the desired woman, the dying man:. Even now, when I am on the verge of crossing over to that other life, she leads me as through black water, ogling me and leering at me through her dangerous lashes, laughing at me as I, drenched through, ascend her golden bank.

    Even Now: Poems by Hugo Claus

    Even now, her body is carmine and gleaming with sweat, her openings all smooth and slippery with baby oil. Yet what I know of her remains a strange gesture, a thing with no echo, full of bitterness, chance and remorse. He must equally be commended for changing this approach when Claus begins to rhyme, use fixed meter or become playful with language itself, allowing himself the freedom in English to match the playfulness of the Dutch.

    In addition to translating the poems, Colmer has taken on the role of editor, selecting around two hundred pages of material for Even Now from about one thousand four hundred pages of verse. In a perfect world, our benevolent dictators would force Colmer to translate every scrap of poetry that Claus penned in a career spanning almost six decades, and then clone him to have someone get going on the untranslated novels. In this world, what we have is a selection, and we have to face up to the inevitable problems that selection entails.

    Claus was not a poet who worked in single poems. His natural unit is the series, usually forming a separate section in a book, or even the book itself. His images and conceits gain depth in their repetition. He will ruminate upon a theme, coming at it from several angles, in several voices.

    Even Death Now (chant of Hafiz poem)

    His humor often depends on a larger context. But they too have confined themselves to selections. Nonetheless, the loss suffered by these poems amputated from their context remains palpable. Such missed opportunities and the omission of personal favorites make it tempting to fixate on what was left out rather than on what got included.

    But these are minor and highly subjective gripes, born of a desire to see more of Claus in translation, rather than a true criticism of what Even Now makes available. On the whole, the poems that Colmer does select speak to each other in way that makes the collection very satisfying to read in a sitting. Inevitably, the picture we get of Claus from Even Now is slightly skewed. Material that could be construed as too narrowly Flemish or Dutch in its concerns has been excluded.

    This year saw the Dutch-language publication of a remarkable collection that combines the beauty of a coffee-table book with the rigor of a scholarly volume, De Plicht van de dichter: Hugo Claus en de politiek The Duty of the Poet: Hugo Claus and Politics , edited by some of the biggest names in Claus scholarship—Kevin Absillis, Sarah Beeks, Kris Lembrechts and Georges Wildemeersch—and achieving a kind of popularity and prominence that is unheard of for English-language critical texts.

    In , in the heat of an interview, he goes so far as to say that he would support a vigilante organization with the purpose of eliminating the Catholic Church if such an organization were to exist.