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I'm even good with Jaime's now-confirmed ending. He was always a bad dude, he just experimented with good guyness for a while before re-embracing his bad dudeness. I wasn't surprised, just disappointed in him. What's done is done and now I'm cool with the finale. King Bran. Queen Sansa. Jon Snow as Mance Rayder Jr. I've been telling friends and family for a long time I thought there might be no Iron Throne left by the end of the series. I was right about that as far as the physical form of the chair went.

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Now know-it-all Bran can steer the kingdom when he's not off warging into rogue dragons. Good thing he has Tyrion to keep him grounded. After eight seasons of stress, drama and blood, I was ready to embrace the embers of hope scattered across the finale. But the little things are what made be happiest of all: direwolf scritches, Ser Podrick, Stark sails and my hero Brienne looking smashing in her Kingsguard armor. You go, girl.

He has the best story arc out of all the characters in the show. Dinklage's performance in the finale was moving, powerful and satisfying -- something I wish I could say about season 8 as a whole. The character who deserves a future full of excitement and adventure got her wish. Arya Stark literally grew up during this series, and she ends up as a noble warrior.

Unlike other fans who want the whole season to get a reboot , I found myself happily cheering during the series finale all because of Arya. I loved that revenge didn't make her bitter at the end, because she made a decision to look toward her own future and to explore west of Westeros -- to see the world beyond the map she's always known.

I can only imagine what kind of adventures Arya will have, like a high-seas Pippi Longstocking. But I know that of all the characters who got out of the series finale alive, she'll never be the one I worry about. While others' lives are in shambles or they're under immense pressure to lead, Arya is only beholden to herself. She may not be the queen of an old world, but she will most definitely succeed as a discoverer of a new one.

Safe travels, Arya. It seemed to be leading up to being about bending the knee to AI in a global one-world government a surveillance state formed after an ends-justify-the-means genocidal tyranny and the hope that once nationalisms are ended we can set off to explore the unknown as an "interplanetary species. Evidence for this interpretation: The new king is Bran, who knew what was going to happen the whole time and therefore must have intended his takeover of the throne, which evokes AI outsmarting us all because the Borg knows all.

The Mountain's Terminator-esque Frankenstein is a stand-in for inevitable transhumanism. And finally our heroes set off to explore unknown worlds beyond the walls and seas of Westeros I don't think any of this was intended by George RR Martin necessarily, but the subtext is absolutely there if you look for it. After the finale: wow, we're really all just gonna get behind the guy no one listened to and everyone thought was cray. The showrunners David Benioff and D. Weiss basically decided to wipe out every great moment book readers had been waiting to see play out with their mutilated version of fanfic in season 8.

After the carnage of last week, I thought the stage was set for a decidedly horrific finale: Dany kills Jon, Arya kills Dany, Cersei stumbles from the crypt and kills Sansa who is, remember, still married to Tyrion -- I thought they might grudgingly decide to rule together. Instead, we got the genuinely surprising death of Dany at Jon's hand, followed by the incredibly awesome moment of Drogon destroying the Iron Throne. I couldn't help but nod in approval: "Good! Look at all the misery that thing has caused.

All told, it was a quiet, reflective, redemptive episode that I mostly liked. After so much suffering, the Starks finally emerge triumphant. The only head-scratcher for me is why the writers and directors made Bran such a quiet, seemingly mopey character all season. All hail Bran the Sleepy! Now we've seen what happens when you rush the ending of an epic like Game of Thrones, it's time to see what original author George R.

Martin does with the rest of his story. If the ending is the same and Bran the Broken is king thanks to an assist by Jon, surely Martin will at least take his time building up to it rather than fitting into an abbreviated finale. Game of Thrones was a big deal -- a series that lodged in our collective consciousness because it was as messy and moving as reality and had nearly as many characters.

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I'm not as distressed as many viewers about the showrunners' sacrificing that sprawling complexity to find closure. But I couldn't abide the attempt to rationalize Daenerys' murderous streak. Yes, I understand she slaughtered a lot of people on her way to King's Landing -- thanks for the recap, Tyrion -- but much of her story was about compassion for those suffering under a brutal regime.

I think we were supposed to see her brutality as some combination of Targaryen Bad Egg Syndrome and a strategy to thwart anyone else who'd try Cersei's human shield strategy. We knew she'd never be a mild queen, but her final burn-the-village-to-save-the-village bloodlust left me unconvinced. Still, they had to end it somehow, and I was happy that after her death we got more of the Game of Thrones I'd hoped for: plot surprises and characters standing on their own instead of just being tools to advance the Daenerys and Jon story.

I'm glad Jon and Grey Worm never had a tidy reconciliation though the Unsullied's mindless obedience to Daenerys made a mockery of their supposedly voluntary enlistment. Arya's grand adventure west of Westeros was a random send-off, but perhaps there wasn't a good story to build around a master assassin who finally outgrew or outlived her revenge list.

I'm intrigued that, although democracy might not have caught on, we did get at least some Westerosi cultural recognition of queens, wargs and women in the military. But what was with that sprig of green sprouting north of the wall? Now that the Dead are dead, will Westeros finally get normal weather?

Sam invents democracy! And so many plot threads were just It didn't seem to matter in the end that Jon was a Targaryen, or Gendry a Baratheon. Or that Cersei was we think pregnant, or that Maggy's prophecy said she'd be strangled by a little brother, or that Dany had her own prophecy about someday bearing a child.

What happened to Varys' final messages? What was up with Bronn threatening Jaime and Tyrion? And don't even get me started on the damn Prince Who Was Promised. Why was The Golden Company even there? Did the Night King's spiral pattern ever get explained? Maybe I was in the bathroom then. But the part of me that selfishly wants my favorite characters to come through unscathed is OK with the ending.

Tormund and Brienne, who both seemed like characters who'd sacrifice themselves in battle for sure, survived unscathed, and even Ghost got his scritches. So now the Game of Thrones story belongs to those who heard it, and you can unwind the plot threads in your imagination however you like. In my version, Syrio Forel and Arya meet up and go off sword fighting together. They have a blast. You'd probably like it. I was prepared to be genuinely upset by the final episode, but I was happy with how everything wrapped up. The twists and turns had a more familiar Game of Thrones taste because they let us briefly dream of a world where Jon was Dany's moral compass, then stabbed that vision in the heart.

It reminded me of what they did in the Red Wedding or the Battle of the Bastards. Bran was the best choice for king even if he was a surprise. Tyrion serving as a hand for a third monarch seems fitting after all the mishaps he had advising Dany -- third time's the charm, I guess! The north gaining its independence under Sansa made sense after the huge sacrifice they made to save the world from White Walkers. And Arya needed something that was "her," so why not make her an explorer? I'm happy Jon kept going north at the end. I would've been upset if he was sentenced to life after saving the world more than once.

And that reunion with Ghost and Tormund was a feel-good moment. The finale doesn't excuse how fast the White Walker conflict came to an end, the poor character development for Dany's fury and the bad writing. But the ending definitely saves the show from being ruined like Lost was. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. By Richard Trenholm,. CNET staff. A game of two halves By the time we reached the end I was exhausted.

Hopefully someone takes care of that in the sequel. What an amazing young woman, showing so much strength and determination. I will miss her humerous way of writing about the most awful of situations. Thinking of you all. Condolences to you all. A special family. Hugo, your tribute was beautiful — thinking of you. I knew Alice when we were younger from our days at pony club together.

No Sense of Humor: The Final Chapter: For Now

I have happy memories with us both being carted around on our cheeky ponies. So saddened by this news. My thoughts are with her family Xx. Such an inspiration, even though I did not know Alice I kept up with every blog post and she was clearly not only very talented but also so effortlessly courageous.

Rest peacefully Alice xx. Lovely, lovely Alice, this is the saddest news. You have been an inspiration.

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With much love to you and your incredible family xx. Thoughts with all of you just now. Saw too little of Ali, but truly glad to have known her. There are no words. All my love to you, stay safe xxx. I just saw this blog post through the Anthony Nolan site and it really touched me. My parents and I had to write a similar blog post for my brother 3 years ago, after he fought ALL for 3 years. He too wrote a blog throughout his treatment and it sounds to me like both he and Alice were very similar, both positive and fighting every step of the way!

I am so very sorry that this horrible disease took another amazing young person. I hope my brother looks out for her up there and they can show some Angels how to inspire the world! You have summed it up for me. I send you all my heartfelt condolences.

Heeeere’s . . . Conan!!!

And to you, Alice, what a beautiful person you were and a credit to us all. I am so very sad to hear this news today. I also had the privilege of knowing Alice during Launton Panto. Lovely girl sleep peacefully now,thinking of you and your family xxx. I have always been so inspired and humbled by her courage and humour during her treatment and her determination to remain true and honest to herself throughout.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all — not only her family and friends but of course dear Alice herself xxx. Such devastating news Alice fought a fierce battle with this awful illness keeping us all posted with her amazing blog which I agree should be published as a tribute to her outstanding bravery she helped so many through her words we send heartfelt condolences to you all at this desperately sad time rest in peace dear Alice all our love the Sutherby family. What an amazing daughter you had!. I am so sorry that she is no longer with you all but how proud you must be of her, your son and other daughter.

An absolute credit to you all. My sympathy and prayers are with you at this sad time. Rest in peace Alice God bless. It is a cruel cruel disease, and I have so much respect for young stars sharing their story.

Paul Washer has a sense of humor???

I truly hope she found strength and support from her blog responses the same way she gave her readers enlightenment and hope. Rest peacefully young one, you were called too early but you will be reunited with your family in a better place. Sending love and strength to you all at this devastating time. Alice has inspired so many with her eloquent, funny, brave, painful, searingly honest blogs. So many of us never met her but were moved to tears, filled with laughter and inspired to live better lives because of her bravery facing such a terrible illness. Alice brightened the life of those around her and her blog an inspiration to everyone who read it.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Dear Alice, Like so many others have said your blog has been an inspiration. Your humour, courage and determination will be a valuable legacy both for those still struggling with their own journey with cancer, your family and friends and those of us who followed your journey but did not know you. My thoughts and prayers are with your famiky and friends. Rest in peace. Alice was one of the strongest persons I have ever met, being able to care for her was an honour and I am deeply sorry that you have lost her , I hope she is now resting and pain free!

Lots of love to all of you xx. What a gorgeous family photo. Your sister sounds like a true fighter and was fighting all the way. Heaven has gained an angel. She is know at peace with you always. Keep strong x. I hope that Toy finds you, the cheeky chestunut pony Love to you all at this very sad time xxxxx. Just the most heartbreaking news. I, with many others, had the privilege of Nursing Alice when an inpatient.

No Sense of Humor: The Final Chapter: For Now: Nick Morgan: Books

She should have won a prize for the best decorated hospital room! It was like having a girlie sleep-over with her not just Nursing. In Healthcare we come to work and carry out our tasks but it is people like Alice that remind you why you are there,why you love the profession so dearly and most importantly,that there is a person behind the disease. Her blog is a huge testament to that fact and served to remind us all of that. So proud for her that she finished her degree and what an achievement; mostly whilst ill or an inpatient. She is a credit to her family. Truly, truly saddened by your loss.

Rest in peace lovely Alice. My prayers are with you and others of her friends and family. She will never be forgotten. Such a brave account of a struggle no one should ever have to face, let alone a beautiful 21 year old evidently beautiful both inside and out. Take comfort that she is in a better place now, at rest, at peace. Our thoughts are with you all, Rest in Peace Alice xxx. Peace to Alice.

Sincere condolences to you all xx. So desperately sad. A beautiful, vibrant, funny and intelligent young lady has been taken so very much too soon. Family, friends and the world have been cheated of time spent with Alice. Her witty blog has clearly amused and informed so many whilst inspiring those who knew her and those who did not. We feel very honoured to have known and spent time with her. Love to all the family.

The Freeboroughs. Such heartbreaking news, so sorry for your loss. Alice fought such a fierce fight, she was brave, clever and beautiful and such a credit to you both. She wrote so eloquently and touched so many with her honest, often witty words. Wise beyond her years and truly inspirational we are thinking of you all at this very sad time x.

Such desperately sad news. The world has lost a talented young person with a beautiful soul. Sincere condolences and love to your family Alice, rest in peace xxx. A truly amazing and talented young lady who has left this world and is now gifted in the next. She was a strong lady and had much to offer. Her legacy lives on. It will take time for the loved ones to move on my mother passed due to cancer in January but memories remain.

Rest peacefully now Alice xxx. So incredibly sorry for your loss. Alice seemed like a truly wonderful, beautiful and most of all inspiring woman. Her words were powerful and touched so many of us. Sending you all love to get through this immensely difficult time.

Rest in peace Alice, may your words and memories live on, thank you for sharing some of them with us. So very, very sorry for you all. Alice was so brave and her writing is truly inspirational. Thinking of you all at this tragic time. May she rest in peace. So sad to hear the very lovely, spirited, talented Alice has lost her battle.

My thoughts are with you all. Dear Alice. I met your mum through invigilating at Akeley. I heard your story. I barely know her and never met you but feel close to your cause. I have just donated blood and am looking at registering to be a donor for deletebloodcancer. Much love, Jessie Walker and family. I never met Alice but have been following her blog for a while, and found it both humbling and inspiring.

She was clearly an amazing young lady with so much to live for. It is so utterly cruel that her life has been cut so short. What a talent, what a force. I feel so sad. Your wise words will live forever and help others going through this. Such sad news. She had a way of wording things that made her personality shine through. Because of that, we, like so many others connected with her writing very easily.

The sheer volume of messages and posts today from others who like us, never met her, are a real testament to how many hearts she touched through her writing. You must be one amazing family to have raised such a special individual. Rest in peace, Alice x. We have silently followed her journey without knowing her, or you, and have been touched by her words, her bravery and the evident support and love of you, her family. A little to late I thought… But perhaps not. Today I will sign up to the over 30 donor register and will make sure I make my next blood donation.

You never really lose someone if you take what you admired about them the most and put it into your everyday life. Change because of them and their legacy lives on. I have been captured by this blog all morning and have read all the posts. You clearly made her final chapter of life a better place. Much love to you all. Such a beautiful girl and talented writer. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I am a stranger to Alice, but I have followed her blog avidly from the beginning, and I was utterly devastated to discover this final post.

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Despite never knowing her, I have been touched by her true bravery, resilience and never ending wit. Her posts have made me laugh, cry, and have been a source of inspiration to myself and to many others. It takes a truly special individual to be able reach out to so many people, and her spirited and wise words will forever live on and be influential for many more to come. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. Her light will forever shine on. Such heartbreaking news, what a brave, honest, and brilliant girl Alice was.

Her passing is truly a loss to the world. Sending enormous love to her family at this saddest of times. Alice was truly inspirational, such sad news. Alice was known to my daughter Rebecca, they attended Bear Necessities together and were recently in touch again 18 months ago through mutual friends of theirs. This is utterly heart breaking news. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, boyfriend Matt and friends. From then I looked forward to hearing how she was getting on- checking in every few weeks.

What a great writer- very poignant with a sense of humour. Over the years as a nurse, I have occassionally taken blood samples from patients at the surgery for Anthony Nolan- packing the precious samples in a little box ready to be sent off- I never really knew what Anthony Nolan was- I do now- I will spread the word. Brave, lovely girl- hugs to all x. I came across this blog by accident. RIP x. I taught Alice in her second year at Cardiff University.

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  7. She was bright and lovely. I am so sorry you have lost your lovely brave girl. With love. We never met Alice but she will always be remembered by us as a truly remarkable young lady who fought so bravely. Her legacy will be her eloquent writings which we are sure will be an inspiration to others. Our hearts go out to her loved ones.

    To Sharon, Sophie and the rest of her family, I send my love. I am so sad to hear this news. Alice was truly inspirational and will be much missed by her family and online friends she has made — but her words will live on and help others fighting this battle. Our sympathy and love to all her family. They stand as a testament to her sublime spirit and the wonderful family that she will always be a part of.

    RIP Alice. Time cannot diminish the profound impact your precious Alice made on so many.

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